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Caring Service Culture Programme 

Having a thriving business by creating harmonious environment with engaged employees and loyal customers…

This programme will affect your mission and purpose; the actions you will be taking will affect your environment,  your people, your customers connecting them to your business at an emotional level.


Because by developing harmonious workplace, you will have engaged employees and loyal customers…

Following the principles from my new book Thriving by Caring, by bringing a more caring energy in the way you do business you will have healthy minds and wealthy profits.

Imagine never having to waste money on advertising again by increasing your customers’ word of mouth, or reducing your employees’ turnover by increasing their wellbeing… all is possible, so let me guide you through your organisation journey to make game changing decisions in order to achieve a real Caring Service Culture in your organisation.



What I am going to do, is operate as your personal Customer eXperience Adviser, working closely with you and your team, to help you develop your Customer eXperience strategy, guiding you through the methodology, and train team so they can deliver exceptional customer experience consistently.

Here is the overall Caring Service Culture process that I offer you, but you don’t need to undertake each step, that will depend on your situation and will determine after our initial assessment:

Step 1



Assessing your environment, your employees and your customers is the first step and a vital input to any strategy for customer-focused business performance improvement to understand where you are now and will be your key performance indicators to quantify your progresses.

Step 2



Customer-centric businesses don’t let their employees start without careful on-boarding steps or let customers wander in search of information or help; instead, they guide their customers through a carefully planned series of interactions called a customer journey. I will help you develop your Customer eXperience Mission Statement, then your employees’ and customer journey.

Step 3



Time to take action and implement the Customer eXperience Strategies which has been developed. Our Customer eXperience Institute has all the necessary tools to give to your employees to deliver exceptional customer experience and train them so they can understand what is expected of them, why and how do they affect their customer experiences.

Step 4



‘You can’t manage can’t manage what you don’t measure’ Peter Drucker. We will develop a set of matrix withing this framework to understand the impact on your business so we can work together to move the dial and quantify the value of the programme.


  • Do you want to create a workplace which is going to inspire your team?
  • Do you need the steps to deliver exceptional customer experience?
  • Do you want your team to be more confident and productive?
  • Do you want to reduce your customer complaints and increase the lifetime value of your customers?

There is so much I want to share with your team to make sure they have the tools to really succeed. We will work on your exact needs so you can leverage a lot more tools and guide your team through the business harmony process, empowering them to deliver exceptional customer service.

What is the area of improvement you need your team to start with?





What is your business vision? How do you life and breath your business’s values? Is the customer represented around your board table? How do you create a culture where employees feel inspired by what you are trying to do, feel proud to be part of it and you connect emotionally with your customers at every level.




Understanding the environment psychology and how you can create an harmonious workplace and making simple but powerful changes will:

    • Increase productivity
    • Increase wellbeing
    • Increase time in your environment
    • Reduce sickness




According to a Gallup poll, a staggering 63% of employees said they are not engaged at work, compared to only 13% which are. And 24% are ‘actively disengaged’, indicating they are unhappy and unproductive at work and liable to spread negativity to coworkers. You must look after your employees first so they can look after your customers. Taking into account of your Leaders/Managers and your employees.




By 2020, 89% customers will shift to companies providing better customer experience and engagement. We will help you find ways to create an emotional connection with a customer before, during and after their experience with you so you don’t just have customers but loyal customers who will buy from you, recommend you and return to you.


As mentioned previously, you may already have some elements of the programme in place, or just want to focus on one area rather than 4. So, let’s have a chat first about your requirements and I can bespoke a programme for you with matrix within the framework to quantify the value of your the programme, so together we can make an incredible transformation to your business and your team.

So, what are you waiting for?



Schedule a FREE Caring Service Culture Programme consultation today so I can answer all your questions and we can be sure this is the right programme for your team.



Call me: + 44 7797 828950 or email me: contact@thebusyqueenbee.com