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EAU d’abeille – your BEEjou Perfume

As a flower to bees, exude BEEautifulness‘ Claire…

The Story


This perfume journey started with a casual conversation with my brother, Emmanuel Boscq, who was setting up his own printing company which specialises in Perfumery, Aux Belles Senteurs, and we were talking about perfuming my business cards which went onto why not create my own perfume so I could use it during my keynote talks to evoke emotions encouraging the audience to use their 5 senses to design experiences connecting to their customers’ emotional system.

As you all know me, it wasn’t long before I sent some ideas of scents that I liked and with the olfactive expertise of a ‘nez’, Rosalie Moulet, from Synae Collection, who is based in Grasse, my childhood city and of course perfume capital, so just like the bees, we collected the finest scents from the luxurious Jasmine Sambac, the sweet and tropical aromas of Freesia and Ylang Ylang flowers, refreshed by a sparkling citrus touch of Bergamot and Ocean Breeze. The dry Ambery notes blended with Vanilla sublimate the whole fragrance and the soft musk enhance the diffusion and tenacity of a fresh, clean but smooth eau de parfum.

A couple of years ago, I was coming back from Morocco where I had bought a beautiful silk dress and thought it would be a perfect occasion to wear it at the Institute of Directors Awards ceremony dinner, you can imagine 250 people in black tie dinner dress and moi in a Moroccan dress… that night someone said to me I always looked alluring, which being French at the time just smiled not being sure what it meant so I googled it the next day and thought oh yeah I am quite alluring actually so, thank you to the person who said that (you know who you are), now I can also use it for EAU d’abeille, ‘alluring aromas’…

Therefore, just like the Queen Bee who has her own pheromone which maintains behavioural control of the colony by a pheromone known as the “Queen substance.” As long as it is being passed around, the message in the colony is that “we have a Queen and all is well”: EAU d’abeille, really quite like me, French at heart,  developed in Grasse, moved across the Channel and got ‘Jerseyfied’ thanks to Steve, from STS Graphic, who designed the labels and printed here in Jersey. Bottled and packaged on island too, this is a real Jersey BEEjou perfume.

Always BEE you; evoke alluring aromas, stimulate emotions within & around you and exude BEEautifulness…


Your environment has a lot to do with how you feel, and how you feel has a lot to do with how productive you are. Neuroscientists across the globe have studied images of the brain in action and placed emotion in the driver’s seat, asserting that thinking is emotion-based, and while emotions form the basis of thoughts, the five senses – sight, sound, smell, taste and touch – fuel those emotions, wielding the power to persuade, relax and heal.

“Emotions affect awareness, consideration, persuasion, recall and loyalty in the marketplace,” says Dan Hill, author of Emotionomics: Winning Hearts and Minds (Adams Business & Professional, 2007).

Sensory design has earned its place in high-end spas and resorts; but today, hospitals, airports, retail environments and corporate offices alike embrace the senses to forge brand identity while creating inviting environments.

One of the most powerful senses, smell, can trigger associations and draw upon fond memories of other smells. Customers’ olfactory sense to augment the Customer Experience. This is all part of the subconscious Experience. According to Rachel Herz, professor of psychiatry and human behaviour and author of the book “The Scent of Desire”, a smell is just a scent until a person associates it with a specific experience. After the association, the smell becomes a representation of that experience in the mind of the person.

Businesses should consider the power of this link and choose a smell that associates their Experience with your brand. Consider how you can use smells to transport, transcend, and tweak your Customers’ Experience.

What does your Experience smell like? I challenge you to improve Customer loyalty and your employees’ performance by using scents that in turn will create more dollars and cents for your bottom line.

Why not try EAU d’abeille, as a censorial experience in your worplace, evoking buzzing emotions within your environment to allure your customers and stimulate your employees’ performance!


10% will help support the Bees with Jersey Beekeeper Association #BQBhelpsthebees


£35 for a 30ml bottle FREE postage

$40 for a 30ml bottle plus $5 postage

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EAU d’abeille Perfumed ‘Ponpon’ bracelet £5.99 FREE postage