Jersey-based business helps improve productivity by bringing Feng Shui into the workspace

A Jersey-based business is bringing Feng Shui into businesses and those working from home to improve productivity. Claire Boscq-Scott is launching a new BizShui program.

Claire Boscq-Scott is mainly known locally for her focus on customer experience and is ranked as one of the Global Customer Service Gurus. What is less well known, is that she has been studying and practicing Feng Shui, ‘the art of enhancing energy flow’.

“With the drastic working changes that have been imposed upon many of us, maintaining the right energy flow impacts performance and communications, which in turn impacts the customer experience”, Claire explains. “Because of that, I have decided to step-in to help organisations, help reduce physical and emotional stresses; it is creating a real flow, an alignment of personal and environment space energy so people can feel good in themselves to deliver service excellence and drive productivity, loyalty and profitability”.

Claire Boscq-Scott established her business in 2009 with more than three decades of customer experience expertise, she is a thought-leader in the industry. She has been speaking live on big international stages over the last few years and virtually from Beijing to Kuala Lumpur, Dubai to Mumbai.

Claire is also the author of three books and reached number one on the Amazon Best Seller list last September with her book, ‘The Secret Diary of a Mystery Shopper‘.

“In the UK economy, £340 billion every year is spent on training and recruitment costs, sick days, productivity, creativity and innovation. Many businesses are looking for ‘that edge’ to get back on top after the past eighteen months, and being highly concerned with their employees’ wellbeing during this period, hybrid working has also introduced its fair share of challenges.

“This is why I created BizShui, my own unique blend of the traditional Feng Shui Principles with the modern business and personal needs; an integrated and more holistic approach to employee and customer eXperience – the secret weapon to thrive.

“Nurturing a truly caring service culture isn’t easy, but it is the only way to have a thriving business, with harmonious environments, happy employees, happy customers and happy bottom lines.”

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