According to Deloitte, 60 percent of the United States workforce turns over each year, and 65 percent of this is voluntary. 85 percent of employees leave their job because of their relationship with their manager. Plus, 88% of people don’t feel like the organisation they work for cares about them, and three out of four are disengaged in what they’re doing according to Gallup; no wonder why customer service is taking a hit and we see the rise of customer complaints, employees’ sickness and the decrease in customer loyalty and even more alarming in companies’ bankruptcy. 

Because Customer eXperience is simple, as simple as happy employees, means happy customers, means happy bottom line, right? It doesn’t mean it is… so, I am on a mission, yes a mission to help businesses thrive and spiral up their profit by delivering exceptional customer experiences consistently in bringing a more care into their businesses.

I created The Caring Service Culture Leadership programme, three decades of learning in one holistic programme; enhancing businesses environments, increasing their employees engagement and customer loyalty through a Caring Service Culture Journey.

Working closely with business leaders and their team, we will start a long term transforming journey, balancing the caring soft skill such as NLP, environment psychology, emotional intelligence, mindfulness to the hard logic, analytic, research approach with a set of metrics within this framework to measure the impact on your business so we can work hand in hand during that whole year to move the dial and quantify the value of the programme, aligning everything to Employee and Customer centricity.

How employee and customer centric are you?? Why not take my FREE CX diagnostic which will give you some indication of where you are and what you could be improving. But this online survey is only a little taster, why not get in touch and let’s see how my Customer eXperience strategies combine with the execution of your brilliant team can impact your business and spiral up your exponential growth, so you can enjoy sweet taste of success…


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