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Mystery Shopping: an outsourced job

“What gets measured, gets done” Tom Peters When location, pricing, and product/services are no longer unique, service is the only differentiator and key to success or failure. Therefore you need to ensure that at all [...]

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Enhancing your work environment with sense or scents…

Your environment has a lot to do with how you feel, and how you feel has a lot to do with how productive you are. Neuroscientists across the globe have studied images of the brain [...]

EAU d’abeille, your BEEjou Perfume

How exciting I am launching my own Perfume!! Why?? well this perfume journey started with a casual conversation with my brother, Emmanuel Boscq, who is setting up his own printing company which specialises in Perfumery, Aux [...]

Natalia Ugren joining the Global BQB CX Expert team

I am absolutely thrilled to be joining forces with Natalia Ugren by launching her New License in Slovenia. Natalia and I, both members of the MSPA Europe/Africa, met a few months ago at the annual [...]

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Franchise World Link and BQB are partnering to help Global Franchises deliver exceptional customer experiences.

It all started 2 years ago when Olivier Guerrero, CEO of Franchise World Link Group and myself were seating opposite to each other at the Retail & Franchise Forum in Casablanca. Having had a casual [...]

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BQB’s Diary – 10 years in 10 weeks: 2019 Celebrating a decade

Wow, 2019 started with some mind-blowing news, when I received an email to announce that I was listed No 5 on the Global Customer Service Guru List. I was listed in 2018, No 13, but [...]

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