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Are you a Franchisor? One of your biggest challenges from now on is to ensure consistency is driven through all your franchises. As for any business, providing consistent exceptional customer service should be their main priority; no customer, no business, right! It’s not enough for a franchise to offer great service at one or two locations – what makes the franchise system work is consumer trust in consistency and the brand must deliver the same level of service no matter where they are.


There is so much to do and think about when being a Franchisor, and sometimes Customer Service is put in the back burner and no guidelines are given to the Franchisee assuming they will know what to do! WRONG, they don’t all know what to do, and it is your responsibility to ensure not only they meet and exceed their customers expectations but they follow your guidelines to avoid any brand damage.

How can we help??​

I am guessing you already have your Operating Guidelines, not easy, I know, I have been through this pain when I launched my Busy Queen Bee Mystery Shopping and Customer Experience Franchise… but how much in there refers to the service delivery and how to create exceptional customer experiences? 

That is where we can help! we will give you the BQB CX Franchise O.G templates, a proven model which can then be adapted to your Franchise business.


The model is a document drawing all basic customer service expectations. You can get the #BQBCXFranchiseOG ‘in the box’ version only and then make the necessary changes yourself. Or let us mentor you through the process to bespoke the model so you create clear standards which are key to your Franchisees’ success. Remember, this is why someone is taking on your Franchise, because you are given them ALL of the tools to start their business, so you must give franchisees a CX model to follow. Without framework, you can’t blame them for failing to do things according to your model.

How much?

Option 1

‘BQB CX Franchise O.G’ only


Option 2

‘BQB CX Franchise O.G’ plus 2 hours one-to-one mentoring


Option 3

‘BQB CX Franchise O.G’ plus 4 hours one-to-one mentoring


What else can we do?

We can also help you further, in developing a complete Customer eXperience & Employee eXperience Programme by following my own proven ‘BQBCXMethod™, a methodology specifically design to help businesses put your employees and customers at the heart of everything that they do. Bringing together three decades of learning in one holistic method, nurturing a Caring Service Culture, enhancing businesses environments, increasing your employees engagement.

Here is the overall BQBCXMethod™ process, first the 4 x Pillars of the Framework:

Step 1 Assess

Assessing your environment, your employees and your customers is the first step and a vital input to any strategy for customer-focused business performance improvement to understand where you are now and will be your key performance indicators to quantify your progresses.

Step 2 Develop

Customer-centric businesses don’t let their employees start without careful on-boarding steps or let customers wander in search of information or help; instead, they guide their customers through a carefully planned series of interactions called a customer journey. I will help you develop your Customer eXperience Mission Statement, then your employees’ and customer journey.

Step 3 Implement/Train

Time to take action and implement the Customer eXperience Strategies which have been developed. Our Customer eXperience Institute has all the necessary tools to give to your employees to deliver exceptional customer experience and train them so they can understand what is expected of them, why and how do they affect their customers’ experiences.

Step 4 Measure

You can’t manage can’t manage what you don’t measure’ Peter Drucker. We will develop a set of matrix within this framework to understand the impact on your business so we can work together to move the dial and quantify the value of the programme.

Developing within 4 x CX Structures

Your Culture

What is your business vision? How do you life and breath your business’s values? Is the customer represented around your board table? How do you create a culture where employees feel inspired by what you are trying to do, feel proud to be part of it and you connect emotionally with your customers at every level. ‘80% of employees felt more engaged when their work was consistent with the core values and mission of their organization.’ (IBM)

Your Environment

Understanding the environment psychology and how you can create an harmonious workplace and making simple but powerful changes will:

  • Increase productivity
  • Increase wellbeing
  • Increase time in your environment
  • Reduce sickness

‘87% of employees expect their employer to support them in balancing their life between work and personal commitments.’ (Glassdoor)

Your People

According to a Gallup poll, a staggering 63% of employees said they are not engaged at work, compared to only 13% which are. And 24% are ‘actively disengaged’, indicating they are unhappy and unproductive at work and liable to spread negativity to coworkers. You must take care of your employees first so they can take care of your customers. Taking into account of your Leaders/Managers and your employees.

Your Customers

By 2020, 89% customers will shift to companies providing better customer experience and engagement. We will help you find ways to create an emotional connection with a customer before, during and after their experience with you so you don’t just have customers but loyal customers who will buy from you, recommend you and return to you. ‘After building a relationship, customer spend grows alongside trust. Eventually, loyal customers spend 67% more than new ones.’ (CMO)


Want to know where your business is right now in terms of Employee and Customer Centricity? TAKE ON YOUR BUSINESS ASSESSMENT

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