Hospitality being my background I was always keen to work with hotels and Stephen and Lynne at The Inn Hotel were also keen to become the Best Boutique hotel in Jersey. We worked together the whole year, with training, mystery guest visits, mystery calls, working closely to look at areas of improvement, and in November 2011, I had the immense honoured to be witnessing the whole team of the Inn Hotel rewarded at The Jersey Enterprise Award ceremony, what a night! It was so rewarding to see my client up there wining that award, I still remember Stephen mentioning my name during his acceptance speech, wow, I was soo proud of them and I knew that was what I wanted to do, inspiring businesses to thrive by delivering exceptional customer service. This was their first awards but not last, since then, they have won several awards and honoured to still be working with them today.


So, I thought, wow, why shouldn’t we celebrate exceptional customer service on the islands, and decide to partner with Julie Todd, to create The Customer Service Awards. We had such an incredible response; people in Jersey and Guernsey were voting for their favourite employees, teams, companies who in their eyes had given them great service. The awards are going stronger and stronger every year, however feeling very conflicted I step away from running the events. This was also the year when I met with

My daughter Gabrielle loved being a little Mystery Shopper, at the time she was 9 and was carrying a little pad with her everywhere making note of people’s names… One day we were performing a visit in a restaurant. I asked her to go and check the toilets for me, almost minutes later still no Gabrielle, I was just about to go and see where she was, when she came flying in and shouted, Mum you will never believe what happened, I was sat on the toilet and the light went off, so I couldn’t see anything, I could find the door handle to open and was a bit scared, but I managed to find it and when I open the door the light worked again… I reported the incident to my client and soon after, the automatic light timer in the toilets was changed and the sensors position too, so little people could go without being blackout… #loveMysteryShopping


Rachel came to Jersey to be a Keynote Speaker during the ICSA dinner which Beverley Le Cuirot and I were at the time organising. I drove her back to the airport and we started to talking about different things and Feng Shui came up in the conversation, I was so intrigued this, it was the beginning and my discovery for Feng Shui, which is now a big part of how I conduct business audits and physical environment improvements.

What a year…

One of my favorite Customer Experience Video… #thegoodthebadthefabulous


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