2012, it was a turning year; one of my forma client from L’Horizon Hotel & Spa was getting married and they had ask me to organise their wedding. It had been a lot of work,  organisation and running around, which I love, however, when it was time for the ceremony I remember standing at the back of the room watching them getting married and thinking to myself ‘DON’T DO IT!!’… ok, not very good for a wedding planner not to be happy on the happy day but remember I was still going through my divorce and emotions were running high, that day I decided that wedding planning wasn’t what I was meant to do and I just only purely wanted to focus on Mystery Shopping.

From that day onwards, everything seems so much clearer, I only had one message instead of trying to be ‘Jack of all trade’. It’s not easy when you start a business, you want to have few options to ensure you get revenue, however this was a big lesson that I learnt; focus on what you are passionate and things will start flowing…

I was asked to work with Jersey Post and 7 years later they are still a valued customer of mine. I record my conversation with Kevin Keen, who was and still is a real advocate of everything Customer Service and was keen to introduce Mystery Shopping and some training. It has been an amazing transformation for them over the last 7 years, so much change and still they keep progressing, developing and evolving which I love being part of.

2012 was also the year I became a Member of MSPA, the Mystery Shopping Professional Association, and I went to my first conference in Sardinia. Wow what an incredible souvenir that conference was, and haven’t missed one since then, every year it is amazing to meet 250+ people who share the same passion.

Keeping the focus…

One of my favorite Customer Experience Video… #thegoodthebadthefabulous

Ignorance the worth thing you can do to your customers…


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