After 3 years of studying, I finally managed to pass my CIM Professional Certificate (Chartered Institute of Marketing). I never thought it would be so hard balancing the business, the children, home and studying as well but I did it and am very proud to have this under my belt, after all marketing is customer service…

This was also the year where I was commissioned to work with Jersey Business and the Town Centre Manager to put together a Town Centre mystery shopping programme, it was such an amazing programme and the results were using by Jersey Business to help local businesses to look at their service delivery and help them improve. It gave the whole town centre a benchmark of where they are and how they are doing against the competition, helping promote great service, in our buzzing town of St Helier.


Later on in the year, I had the pleasure to meet Andy Lopata, Mr Network Expert, I loved his presentation and we managed to have a little chat when I was talking about setting up a Networking event, he just said: ‘Stop talking about it, get on with it!’ and that was it, I did a bit of research and a few weeks later I was starting my first Speed Buzzing, for those of  you who attended it’s like speed dating but instead of meeting one person you meet 19 other businesses in an hour. So much fun but also so meaningful as everyone need to build a tribe around them in business or in personal life. Andy has also be a great support and an inspiration to me in the last few months as I am progressive with my Speaking Career and now a Professional Member of the PSA (Professional Speaker Association).

Wow, this year had ended with a bang, when my name was announced across the room during the Institute of Dinner Annual Award Dinner and I was the proud winner of the Small Business IOD Awards. I was ecstatic and Gyles Brandreth, didn’t know what was coming when I arrived on that stage, there was no stopping me to say a few words, and a couple of selfies too…

The Busy Queen Bee is the winner, yeah…

Gyles Brandreth et moi #Selfie

One of my favorite Customer Experience Video… #thegoodthebadthefabulous

It’s nice to be nice…


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