Well, nowadays I am not sure if this little Queen is like me or I am like her… I am loving the new brand Busy Queen Bee and Steve from STS Graphic and Phil from Blue Llama have been helping me ever since sharing the love online. Steve came up with some amazing new Queens’ graphics which I love using throughout my communication and marketing message. And people love it too, ever since I have become the Busy Queen Bee, everyone thinks of me when they see something with a Bee and bring me back presents from all over the world, I love it, thank you for all my pressies… (keep them coming!!)

2015 was also a year were I wanted to be involved more into my association and became of Board Member of MSPA and our local Jersey Chamber of commerce on the retail committee. It was for me a way to give back to those who have helped me when I was setting up and those who needed support locally.


I have always believed that collaboration is the way the world go around and after meeting for a quick hour with Daphne East, the Town Center Manager and Alexia from Jersey Business, we planned the 2015 Customer Service Week which happened during Customer Service Week first week of October. It’s amazing how much 3 busy ladies can do when they get together… we had the pleasure to welcome Chris Brindley who is an incredible Keynote Speaker and would get a full room enthused about Customer Service and shared how they started Metro Bank and his tips for delivering exceptional customer experiences. What best to create Raving Fans, not just customers!

Celebrating Customer Service in Jersey…

One of my favorite Customer Experience Video… #thegoodthebadthefabulous

Value your customers they will give you loyalty, DON’T and see what happen!


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