The year started with launch of my very first book: Thrive with the hive. 3 years in the making, I finally pressed the publish button and 418 pages later, I was self-publishing my first book online and paperback, what an incredible journey that was, from getting the ideas to actually getting them into a format which will flow and my awful English, it has been a bit like giving birth, hating the pain of the birth, swearing you never do it again but when the book arrive in your hand it’s a magical moment and you can’t wait to publish another one..

7 years in the business, I was starting to wonder how I was going to expand the business, you know on island 5milesx9 there is only so much Mystery Shopping you can do… I had read about Franchising and I was talking to a friend in a coffee shop about it and how interesting this concept could be for me. A couple of hours later I received a message on LinkedIn from someone who was sat at the next table and overheard me and said he was a solicitor and had done some work with Franchises before and could give me some advice. Well, I must have been talking very loud, I think by now he must also regret having got in touch in the first place as I haven’t stopped asking him for his help ever since… I am forever grateful you know who you are…

OK, now I have this idea of a Franchise, but there is a massif difference in dreaming of an idea and actually putting this idea into a real business concept. The hardest bit was putting my whole brain onto a piece of paper for someone else to replicate what you do. Wow, when I thought the book had been painful this was even worth, but I did it and now I am thrilled to have a franchisee in Mumbai, The Busy Queen Bee Mumbai and also a new licensee in Slovenia which will be launched in October so can’t say too much about it. And always looking for amazing people to join our team of CX experts and become the Queen of their own hives helping businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences, the best feeling in the world… get in touch if you want to know how you could join the hive…

One of my favorite Customer Experience Video… #thegoodthebadthefabulous

In flight demonstrations don’t have to be boring…


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