Having developed my Mystery Shopping and Customer Experience Franchise opportunity I now had to try to sell it. Franchising a whole new world and I spent several weekends in the UK trooping along the National Franchise shows. I also became a Member of the EWIF (Encouraging Women in Franchise Association) which brought me a lot of new support from other women in Franchising. Towards the end of the year, I was invited to go to the ‘Be my Franchise’ Exhibition in Turkey, well you have never seen anything like it; it was huge I did 15,000 in one day just trying to have a look around the show. When the show finished we got picked up by a taxi driver, well I have never ever got spoken like that by anyone, he was so rude and shouted at my colleagues because we jumped in his taxi and as he was in a hurry drove off until he realised we were only going around the corner, he was fuming he drove so fast I thought we were going to hit a wall at one point and shouted at us when we left his car… that’s what a call an unforgettable experience!!

At that time Board Apprentice was launching and Charlotte Valeur gave me the opportunity to become an apprentice on the BA Board, which a year later after my NED apprenticeship finished I joined the board as a board member, such an amazing non-profit organisation, you have to do it if you want to gain better knowledge and more confidence in seating on a Board of Director.

I was also keen to continue my self-development and enrolled in a Neuro Linguistic Programming course, wow, this was transformational and I am now still very close to my tutor who has become my friend Jennie Kitching and who has been instrumental in bringing lots of NLP techniques in the training and coaching that I do noways.

 I finished the year with a trip to China, where I was invited to be a Speaker for the Mystery Shopping Professional Association Asia Pacific, such an amazing trip from walking on The Great Wall of China to making new friends such as Michelle Pascoe, who does the same thing as me but in Australia, and also gave me the taste for being on stage and sharing my message on the crucial importance of customer experience to larger audiences…

And it was the becoming of my global travelling…

One of my favorite Interview with Customer Serivce Expert Michelle Pascoe #thegoodthebadthefabulous


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