The year started with a trip to Morocco to attend and speak at the Retail and Franchise Forum, the very first Franchise Conference in North Africa, met some incredible people and also was taking out for dinner by one of my MSPA friend Abdel Chaoui, one couscous I will always remember…


Following this, I was challenged to write another book, in French and had to be written in 10 weeks; that’s how Thriving by Caring was born, not online in English but in French and also in Audible. I already had this book in my head, I knew I wanted to share how leaders could bring more caring energy into their businesses, check it out!!

I went to Lyon for a few days, to attend the South of France Franchise exhibition, but also to run with one of my old Disney friend, Marta Pardo-Badier, une conference Experience Client au Chateau Perrache. Superbe evening sharing those CX nuggets with French businesses.

Then a quick trip to Mumbai, wow, what an incredible country, I was very lucky to be welcomed by Aarti, who has become the first Franchisee in india and became The Busy Queen Bee Mumbai and is now helping Mumbai’s businesses deliver exceptional customer services.

The demand of online Customer Service Training was high in Mumbai, so I decided to extant my online training courses from the Management course to also 12 Customer Service training via The BQB CX institute platform, so amazing to think that any employees around the world can access my online courses…

Returning from Mumbai we had 2 weeks to finish preparing for an unforgeable weekend, raising money for Podsy Bear and Children in Needs, 18 of us took part of the Jersey Strictly come dancing, my dancing partner Colin Stanier was a star and although we didn’t win we raised an astonishing £9,000 over the weekend!

Wow, what a year…

One of my favorite Customer Service Video #thegoodthebadthefabulous

The computer say ‘NO’


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