Wow, 2019 started with some mind-blowing news, when I received an email to announce that I was listed No 5 on the Global Customer Service Guru List. I was listed in 2018, No 13, but coming No 5 in 2019 was incredible, as this is a vote by people, so thank you so much for all who voting for me last year and if you want to vote for me again for 2020, please go ahead CLICK HERE!!!

I also decided to create a programme which would bring all of my three decades of expertise into one place, where I could really make a difference to businesses, working with them not just of their service delivery but looking at their Culture, their environment, their people and their customers, called Caring Service Culture Programme. It is following my new BQB CX Method™, It is a real transforming process, balancing the caring soft skill such as NLP, environment psychology, emotional intelligence, mindfulness to the hard logic, analytic, research approach with a set of metrics within this framework to measure the impact on your business so we can work hand in hand during that whole year to move the dial and quantify the value of the programme, aligning everything to Employee and Customer centricity.


Following this, I went did a couple of trips to Manila in the Philippines, which opened up a brand new market. The Philippines one of the fastest GDP growth in Asia at around 6,4%, there is no wonder why there are so many businesses looking at improving their service delivery, their people and grow their businesses. I have been a keynote speaker at The Franchise Asia Conference, The National Retail Conference & Expo, at the HR Summit, at the Women Connected and also at the Philippines Association of Professional Speakers (PAPS), wow, it was amazing sharing my expertise on stage in front of so many people and  The buzz from Manila is in me, and I am looking forward to going back in 2020 if not before!!!…

My trip to Split, in Croatia was to bring me more than just meeting up with my friends from MSPA and attend the annual conference. But also the meeting with Natalia Ugren, who is going to become in a couple of weeks my new License in Slovenia. Yes, you will hear more about it in a few weeks but Customer Service Week will be celebrated in Slovenia launching my new BQB CX Method Practioner and Trainer.

Friday 13th was a lucky one for me, as I was surrounded with customers, shoppers, family & friends to celebrate 10th Business Anniversary and also the launch of my new Perfume, Eau d’Abeille, which is inspired by my obsession with getting businesses to connect with their people and customers at an emotional level. It’s another one of my crazy idea, which has made a right buzz on Friday, if you want to know more click here for more on Eau d’Abeille’s story

As I am celebrating this decade of Busy Queen Bee, I am thinking the year isn’t quite finished, I wonder what the last quarter of the year will bring… #excited


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