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Thrive with the Hive – Buzz 10 SERVICE CULTURE

EXTRACT FROM Thrive with the Hive: 10 simple steps to follow to consistently deliver exceptional customer service, putting the internal and external customers at the heart of everything we do.

BUZZ 10 Service Culture is an extract from Thrive with The Hive, and will talk to you about put your internal & external customers at the center of everything your business does; that is when you will create a real service culture.


The hive behaves like a miniature but incredibly successful business; it is an inspirational, ever-present reminder of the natural possibilities of organisational excellence where the queen bee raises the standards, promoting a positive culture with a strong leadership, knowing that each individual makes its own contribution to the Hive and to the higher mission of the Hive.

Create a culture where the vision can become reality, and drive everything in your business with a customer focus. If we were to operate with only one best practice, this would be it. If all decisions, all services and all products were based upon this focus, customer service would be consistently excellent. In a customer-driven business, management and employees remain committed to satisfying the needs and expectations of the customer. In these companies, rewards, recognition and training are all strategies for ensuring excellent service. In these companies, the customer is the job or business and whatever the customer wants, needs or does provides the energy for everything else.

The goal is to sustain your transformation for the long-term, so it’s critical to take the desired skills and behaviours and make them part of your culture by operationalising them day-in-and-day-out.

There are four interconnected processes that define an organisation’s culture: employee selection, training, care and communication. Each is crucial to creating and nurturing a culture of excellence.

The culture of your business impacts on the customer service that is provided. It is more than just hiring the right people. It is more than just putting your employees through training. It is about setting an example of customer service behaviour from the top which makes its way, through all employees, toward the customer. It starts with people who want to do the right thing. The service culture has to be the driving philosophy of your business. Every decision at every level has to be taken with the customer in mind, with everyone in the company aiming for the same end goal: customer satisfaction.

A truly customer-oriented business means that the customer becomes central to all processes, and that it is just as important to exceed our internal and external customer’s expectations.