It was a pleasure to host a room on Clubhouse this week and moderate it with the amazing Amanda Peters and Justine Hernandez, here is what we discussed to help you create better harmony in your home workspace.


Clutter is energy block; your environment is an extension of you and clutter in your home or your home office maybe holing them back mentally and emotionally. Everything has energy in its frequency, so if you have items that you keep and don’t hold good memories or feel you have to keep it for some reason but when you let it go, it is a real freedom.

Clearing clutter is the biggest issues in home spaces and work space… a great analogy from Amanda, ‘you are not going to put fresh flowers in a dirty vase’… what every you are trying to cultivate, attract will not come if you have clutter.


Claiming your space

Another of the biggest challenge with working from home is the not ‘claimed a space’. Find a spot which is going to be your ‘work space’, kitchen table, a side of the living room or a corner in your bedroom, claim this space as your work spot, ‘this is where magic happens’ treat it as your workspace (this becomes a ritual). You could use a basket or a box to pack everything at night and that is also a good way to finish the day and keep boundaries from home and work as such.

Reinforce boundaries from children, family members, and be very clear that this is your workspace and they need to respect that, moving their toys out, respecting that space for you.


Desk Positioning

A BIG NO-NO, is having your desk facing the wall… by doing this even if esthetically if may look better, you are missing out on opportunities and ‘everything is happening behind your back’, ‘you are banging your head against the wall’. Put yourself in the power position, turn your desk around with a wall in your back and a good chair with a back keeping your safe and supporting yourself.


Working from a bedroom

Not everyone has the luxury to have a separate office space, and may have indeed to work from their bedroom, if you have absolutely no alternative, again, find a spot which becomes your work spot. The biggest NO-NO is working from your bedroom seating or lying on top of your bed…  It’s good to have more earth energy in the bedroom.

Try to keep your bedroom your sanctuary, your time for intimacy, anything that do not promote sleep and stillness like sports equipment, exercising, work, and no clutter under the bed. Have two things, two pillows, two bedside cabinets, care for your bedroom and it will care for your relationships.



Keep your bedroom free from wifi, tv, phones, as much as  you can. If you have to have a TV, perhaps cover it when not used and unplug it (is your TV a distraction not to have an intimate relationship with your spouse!). If you have to have your phone, fitbit, ect in your bedroom, make sure it’s not on your bedside table, perhaps on the floor or covered up.

Try to also create ‘wifi freezone’ during the day, it could be no phone at the table or during a certain time so everyone is taking a break from the EMR (Electromagnetic radiations).

Using Himalayan Salt lamps, Plants (beware no 6ft plants, this maybe ‘seen’ as an extra person in your bedroom…) small healthy plants for the bedroom are very welcome, natural things, Shungite stones, all those are good cures to help with EMR.


Hotel Bedrooms

When travelling you may wish to carry with you and few cures who would help clearing some of the energy from previous clients in the room. You are not staying long in a hotel bedroom, so if it’s only a few days, don’t worry too much about it, but you could be carrying with you some crystals, smudge the room with sage, make the space your own, do what you have to do, so you are not absorbing energy that you don’t want to and you are more comfortable.


Run any wisdom through your own filters

There are some principles of Feng Shui, which are ancient and may not be applicable nowadays, but may not be align you, with your space and family. It’s all about how do you feel, at the end of the day it’s you space it about how you feel and how you are moving in the world.

The purpose of Feng Shui to feel better, so trust your gut and intuition don’t be completely hung on the Feng Shui principles if it’s not right for you…


Final top tips from Amanda and Justine

  • Walk around your home, observe and make some changes, feel your space, leave it for a couple of weeks and see how it feels for you. Have a Feng Shui Plan A, B, C…
  • Do something nice for your space, buy some flowers, open the windows, have fresh fruits and nice plants to bring nature into your home, do something everyday.
  • Personalize Feng Shui to your space, make Feng Shui become a lifestyle…

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