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Do you…

  • suffer from a phobia?
  • want to lose weight or stop smoking but just can’t do it?
  • feel stressed, anxious, or emotional constantly?
  • have a fear of public speaking?
  • have a business but hate selling?
  • have difficulties communicating with others?
  • want to understand yourself better so you can understand others?


The answer…

If the answer is yes, discover how Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) can improve your  verbal and non-verbal communications, personal development, sales techniques and get your unconscious mind working with your conscious mind, resolve the issues within to resolve the conflict without.

This 2 full days’ programme will help you feel better inside so you can be better outside, discover the secret of mindpower through NLP:

1. Intro: What is NLP? Structure of re-presenting reality

2. The Linguistics & Body Language of Deception

3. Instant rapport building, pacing and leading

4. NLP to strengthen rapport & lead

5. NLP Therapeutic Techniques: collapsing phobias

6. The power of suggestion

7. Control Centre Technique for Pain Control, reducing addictions & easing anxiety.

8. Therapeutic techniques: new behaviour generation technique for removing old negative behaviours & for boosting motivation.

9. Stepping Stone Technique for revealing self sabotaging behaviour & creating successful strategies for moving forward.

10. MicroExpressions: the hidden language which reveals what people are really thinking


The workshop will be run by Jennie Kitching, from Unity, who I met two years ago, when I actually undertook my NLP Diploma and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to bring Jennie back for a full weekend to let you discover the incredible powers of NLP. Jennie will draw upon her 30 years’ experience and skills to demonstrate the rudiments of NLP techniques.

Check out her online course… and find out more about her numerous and very helpful books on Amazon.


Buy your ticket now…


£399 per person including Drinks and lunch on arrival and at break-time.