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Business Feng Shui Productivity Hacks, BizShui Masterclass

June 29 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Organizations with high employee engagement outperform those with low employee engagement by 202%. (Business2Community)

Yes, the business environment has changed drastically since Working From Home (#WFH) has been imposed upon you. Researches from Environmental psychology, show the transactions and interrelationships between people and their physical surroundings, demonstrating how and why your environment impacts your State of Being: how you think, feel & behave. 


To thrive in your work, job, career, as a Leader, Manager, employee or solopreneur, here is the first secret to high productivity:

‘you need to have a working environment who is going to support you, not hinder you.’

With those dramatic changes in work from home or hybrid working, maintaining the right energy flow and mindset is essential so it doesn’t  affect performances and communications, which as you would know that all impacts the customer experiences. Because of that I have decided to step in to help people like you, enhance your own workspace to make you more productive, happy and feeling good.


Are you like many of the people I am speaking with at the moment; overwhelmed, stressed, low in energy, here are some of the most common challenges people are experiencing…

The secret weapon to high performance is this new creation, the BizShui™ program: a blend of the ancient Feng Shui principles with the modern business and personal needs; in this 60-minute masterclass discover how to promote an effective use of, not only your space and materials, but an alignment of the flow of energy with your own state of being, in your home-office or in your work-office, or even more in managing a hybrid situation in a seamless and effective way.


‘Job stress is estimated to cost American companies more than $300 billion a year in health costs, absenteeism and poor performance.’ (NIOSH)


What will you learn:

  1. Understand how and why your environment affect your performances
  2. Asses your environment and reduce physical stresses by decluttering and boost your energy 
  3. Implement Smart Shui Moves to optimize your workspace and increase your productivity
  4. Cultivate high performers’ habits to improve your well-being
  5. Create effective communications to increase your team’s engagement and service delivery
  6. Delivering on your Employee and Customer Promise, key to Loyalty and profitability


What are the outcomes from attending this Masterclass?

  • Make simple but powerful changes to  align the flow of energy in your environment with your own state to increase happiness, conduce greater creativity and optimize your performance
  • Enhancing a positive mindset to boost confidence, focus and drive, and accelerate your career
  • Nurture a caring service culture, by putting your employees and customers in the middle of everything you do, optimize your productivity without having to cost anything, increase loyalty and your bottom line.

Is this masterclass for you?

  • Executives working from home, from work or hybrid
  • Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs working from home
  • HR Professionals looking at a new approach to improving their employees’ Wellbeing 

Are you ready to give it a go and see how this fusion of Business and Feng Shui can be used to care for yourself, evolve to be the best you can be and have a thriving career and life?

What do BizSuhi lovers say!

‘I officially love you and your work! What you do is LIFE-CHANGING! And if anyone is still doubting – think of gravity. GRAVITY is there whether you BELIVE it or not. It doesn’t care if you don’t trust that. When you fall off the bridge, you FALL off the bridge and hurt yourself. SO the same is here. ENERGY is around you, whether you believe it or not. Stop procrastinating and contact Claire to claireshui your environment!’ Olga


‘I am so lucky to have been ‘BizShui’d’ by Claire and my goodness the difference! I did not realise what an impact changing the energy of my space would make to how I feel! I thought I felt ok but you showed me there is always a way to feel better. I’m telling everyone now. When you feel energised you are more productive, happier AND folks wanna work with you more so a HUGE thank you to Claire. Go on…. don’t be afraid to get Shui’d’ Jennie Kitching

Be my guest for this event…

  • Date: Tuesday 29th June 2021
  • Time: 4 – 5pm BST
  • Place: Video Conference Webinar (details will be sent when registered)
  • A CPD certificate will be available on completion of this course
  • Can’t make the 29th, register and get the replay, you just won’t get the chance to ask questions and participate!!
  • Price: join as my guest and bring someone with you… because I really want you to make real changes in your environment and tell all those people around you!!

Why you will love Feng Shui…

I discovered Feng Shui 10 years ago. I was intrigued and read a couple of books which seemed very complicated, then the third book was what triggered this passion in me. So, I started researching, reading, learning all about it. I finally decided to get trained and was mentored by the renowned Feng Shui Expert, Davina MacKail, author of Hay House Best Seller ‘Feng Shui, Create Health, wealth and happiness through the Power of your Home’. She has shared with me her wealth of knowledge,  wisdom and love for Feng Shui.

Straight away, I could feel myself being more enthused, energetic, joyful when I started using it, which affected my business and my relationships with my clients. Just a few adjustments can produce incredible changes. I truly believe simple enhancements would benefit you, your team, your customers and your business as a whole by bringing a renewed, more balanced energy to your environment.


PS: what Feng Shui isn’t…

  • a magic potion (although you will see unexpected miracles occure!)
  • woo-woo, it is an Eastern Philosophy which has been practiced for centuries!
  • a doctor diagnosis, if you need physical help, sick your doctor!
  • an imposition of strict rules, personalize Feng Shui to your space
  • just about re-arranging your furniture, it’s a lifestyle!


June 29
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Claire Boscq-Scott


Business Feng Shui

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