I wanted to take the time to personally share my big exciting news with you! The Busy Queen Bee team is growing, as I have just welcomed my new Jersey-Norman BEEan, Audrey Lescot!!

Audrey is French and is specialized in Marketing and Social Media. She worked in Paris for DBAPPAREL Lingerie Group (Dim-Playtex-Wonderbra-Shock Absorber) and Danone group, and she spent the past 2 years buzzing in New York, as she always had a passion for traveling and facing new challenges. A year ago, she launched her own company, Little Normandy, an online store.

We created new Customer Service Support services, thanks to her skills and relationship with France (especially Normandy):

  1. Check out our “Social Media Marketing Hive”, with packages to help businesses increasing their visibility online, and on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  1. “French Relationship Hive” service to help local businesses to develop those so important relationships with France (by increasing their e-commerce services or find new partners to sell your products, as well as press relationship, website translation).
  1. “Mystery Online Shopping” Do you know if your website is performing to its full capability? Let us take a “mystery” tour of your website, look at the customer experience and give you some feedback on how you could improve your website to improve your service delivery online.
  1. Website, Blog, SEO, do you need some help with having a shop-window online or being seen as the expert, let us help you build your credibility.

So if you think we can help or if you have any friends/colleagues/family who may need some help, Audrey, would love to meet with them to discuss any of their ideas or requirements, and help them thrive in their business online and offline.



Email Audrey NOW…



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