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Tap into your inner guidance to find your true career purpose and drive action, change and Success

From Confusion to Clarity


Has this pandemic left you confused, have lost your job or looking for a new path?

  • You may no longer feel inspired by what you’re doing, and seeking job clarity?
  • You may feel a yearning to discover a greater/deeper purpose by listening to your intuition and developing an action plan to start your new path and thrive?
  • Or you may already be offering a service or program and find that it doesn’t quite fit or work any longer?
  • Are you feeling called to innovate something new, or perhaps you’re looking to evolve into a new career path or create a new business?

That's ok you are not alone, you are in the right place!

Falling forward…

This was really me, a few months ago, after running my own business for over a decade as a Customer Experience & Mystery Shopping Expert, I lost it all in 3 days at the beginning of covid, talk about a shock to recover from…

Early 2021, I attended a mastermind group when I was told by Intuitive Expert Debra Moffitt; that things were not going right for me because I wasn’t on the right path… I was meant to be doing something more holistic, something that people really needed right now!


The many changes occurring now have called us to re-evaluate, re-thinking, question if we still want to do the same job or do we really want to do what we truly passionate about. After loosing all of my clients, this conversation with Debra created an real awakening and re-ignite this burning desire within me to help people thrive…

Let me help you find your BizShui™…

It’s been over a decade that I had been learning about Feng Shui, mastering these ancient eastern principles but never had the courage to bring it into a business environment. With the restrictions of working from home imposed upon us, now more than ever was the time to help people create better energy flow in their environment so they could be just as productive as they were in an office space! 

So, I decided to go for it… yes, totally decided to use all of my skills to help people and organisation reduce they physical and emotional stresses by creating harmonious workspaces to help them increase their productivity, loyalty and profitability; and after several weeks of scratching my head I created BizShui™.

This is my own method, blending the Feng Shui Principles with the Modern Business and personal needs… 

What if you could find your own BizShui™?

What if you could have someone helping you make sense of all those confusing ideas you have in your head into a complete new creation?

What if you finally could be ignited and fired up again having found your true purpose, creating and developing new businesses and career paths that support you financially, mentally and emotionally. . 

This new program will support you in discovering ways to use alignment and vibration to create with clarity, ease and grace. 

Discover how to tap into your inner guidance to find your true career purpose and drive action, change and success...

Step 1 – It’s time to re~awaken to who you really are.

Learn how to quieten your monkey mind so you can better tune into your intuition. Uncover signs in your life that indicate that you’re already naturally intuition.  Get clear on what it is you want and to energetically align with it to allow it to come into your physical reality with ease and speed. Ask your spiritual board of director for support and raising into the higher levels of consciousness and expansion that are available to you now, it is time for you to design your new path the way you want it to be. 

Step 2 – Create your own BizShui

Develop your idea into a business opportunity or a new career path after listening and trusting to your inner voice. Create your own model, develop your brand message and launch your new products or services…

Step 3- Bringing action into energy

Raising your vibration to a new level by developing daily habits, vision board and creating an environment who is going to support you to increase your productivity, creativity and achieve the success you deserve. 

A real fusion of the Yin and Yang energy to start your new path. 

See what others are saying...

How much do you want a fulfilling life?

20 years in service industry, 12 years running my own business inspiring hundred of businesses to thrive, hours learning new techniques and practicing them, it’s been a long journey to get to where I am and to now develop this framework is so exciting. But this programme isn’t for everybody but if you resonate with everything that I talked about, if you are truly ready to commit and make the necessary changes to transform your life and your business, I am your girl!

How do you want to feel when you get up every day?
Enough is enough, are you tired struggling on your own?
Are you ready to move yourself and your business to the next level?

Find your BizShui™

This is a one-to-one coaching program, let’s work together to reduce your stresses and confusion about finding your new path and increase abundance, joy and fulfillment in your Business, career and life!

  • SIX hours of coaching, learning, sharing, supporting you in your journey
  • Virtual program so you can join from anywhere in the world
  • ‘Home-work’ to do after each session
  • Receive feedback on your work
  • Recording of the sessions to review in your own time
  • PLUS
  • Download meditations
  • Access to Claire’s BizShui Private Facebook Group
  • Free Access to my Feng Shui Online Course (worth $198)

This fusion between Intuition, Feng Shui and Business isn't for everybody but if you resonate with everything that I talked about, if you are truly ready to commit and make the necessary changes to transform your life and your business..

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Let me inspire you to thrive...

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