It all started 2 years ago when Olivier Guerrero, CEO of Franchise World Link Group and myself were seating opposite to each other at the Retail & Franchise Forum in Casablanca. Having had a casual conversation about what FWL do, I followed up and just said, what about the Philippines, everyone is talking about that incredible country I would love to have a Franchise Master out there.

Within days, Cesca de Leon and Aimee Flordeliza, from FWL PH, took my brand on and started looking for a Master for me out there. In January 2019, the girls contacted me to see if I would be interested to come and be a speaker at Franchise Asia, the biggest Franchise show in Asia. I said, yes, straight away and from then onwards our Philippines journey started. We also ran a Customer & Employee Centric Seminar as well as attending the exhibition, we networked, connected, and talked to as many people as we could.


Following the March trip, I was invited back to Manila to speak to the National Retail Conference & Stores Asia, to the 3rd Philippine Professional Speaker Convention,  to the Women Connected Group and to the 12th Philippine HR Summit.

But I didn’t stop there, we reconnected with people we had met in March, I run a Customer Service Training Workshop for the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and AICFE and also for Harem, a fantastic business with fantastic staff and here is what Tab Abad, Managing Director thought: You might call it fate but chancing upon Claire was no fate at all. Meeting the Queen Bee for the first time was such a pleasant surprise for our company. Her teachings and insights echoed our company’s values and belief system.  It was no coincidence that we gravitate to people, or companies for that matter, that share that same vibe. Because of this, it was an easy decision to get Claire to conduct a workshop for the leaders of our company. Her people-centric and customer-centric activities, proved invaluable for the team, so much so that they are looking forward to working with her again.  We are considering institutionalizing her workshop as part of our employees’ continuing education.  Claire is such an easy person to work with, and her positiveness is very infectious!’


So, I haven’t quite got a Franchise Master in the Philippines yet, but after this incredible pilot in Manila, FWL and I decided to come together in order to give more value to FWL customers and inspire them to deliver even better customer experiences and increase their Franchisees’ retention.

Here is a few words from Cesca:

‘We invited Claire to be speaker in Franchise Asia last March. She made a wonderful impression that she was invited to speak at the Retail Conference in August and she is coming back for a 3rd time in November! Claire is very passionate about Customer Service and her passion is infectious!
While we have not found the right Master Franchisee in the Philippines, there is so much work to be done in the market! We did a small seminar in March and she got clients from that seminar that booked her for private workshops and trainings. It really started the ball rolling.
She has pending proposals at the moment where she can customize the program depending on the Client’s needs. Whenever Claire meets clients, she helps them identify what they need during her initial presentation and also helps them realize the importance of metrics in terms of customer and employee satisfaction.’

This is what these partnership is going to do, raise the importance of customer experience, increase employees engagement and customer loyalty, isn’t it the goal to every business? Happy Employees = Happy Customers = Happy bottom line.

I am so excited to start this new relationship and have the opportunity to take a look at CX in 17 different countries which will be so interesting to bring my knowledge and expertise but adapt elements to fit the local cultures. So exciting, will keep you posted!!


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