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Do you need support and guidance to live a thriving and happy Life?


Are you read to shift your outer energy to improve your life?

  • Enhance your environment to improve physical and emotional well-being
  • Apply new lifestyle strategies to keep your energy, drive and motivation high
  • Discover new ways to stay on top of internal and external clutter
  • Increase your happiness by creating spaces where you feel comfortable, safe and at ease
  • Cultivate invisible energies to attract, wealth, health and happiness
  • Boost your focus and commitment to achieve your life goals 
  • Bring a more holistic approach to create a loving home, not just a place to live.


Can we really have it all?

A happy home life, friends, holidays, nice cars and a thriving business? Well, some would say no, but that is because they are limiting their own beliefs to happy for ever after.

There is no place like home, right??

When you walk through your doors, you know all is going to be ok, you are safe, you can relax and put your feet up!

OR do you??


Energy exists all around you, forever changing, whether you understand it or not, our  environments have changed drastically since Working From Home has been imposed upon us, there are no boundaries anymore. 

Environmental psychology, the scientific study of the transactions and interrelationships between people and their physical surroundings, shows why our environment impacts us, how we can leverage that knowledge to our advantage, and what we can do to improve our relationship with the world around us. Further more, researches from Somatic psychology demonstrate how our mind-body connection has a direct correlation to our states; our feelings, thoughts and behaviour. 

So, our environment affect our state and our state affect our behaviour, simple right!! Healthy, harmonious environments, will mean happy, relaxed, creative, feel good people who will have a positive attitude, full of joy and fulfilled in their life!

Feng shui originated in China, it is a traditional Eastern philosophy, a belief system in which there is a spiritual relationship between the physical elements of nature and human-made environments to create the right balance of energy for harmony in one’s space. It might not be the first thing that comes to your mind for improving your workplace relationships, but it’s an indirect way to improve feelings and behaviours.



The purpose of Feng Shui is to make people feel good by promoting an effective use of, not only your space and materials, but an alignment of the flow of energy with your own state. You can improve the flow of energy and make your home more inviting and in so, improve your overall lifestyle. Changing the environment and shifting the energy will improve your ‘space state’, your thinking, your emotions and behaviour.

Being full of overwhelming emotions could well be a sign of energy being out of balance; smart moves in your environment and shifting the energy will improve your thinking, your emotional state and will drive a focused, productive, energetic behaviour.

Discover how making simple but powerful changes in your environment will improve your whole household energy, boost your happiness, and create a more harmonious home without having to cost anything…

We are not living in China 5,000 years ago.
Therefore, to create a truly holistic sense of balance, let's apply the essence of the ancient Feng Shui principles and adapt it to your own energy field.

I have created my own unique approach of Feng Shui theory; blending a new feel of the ancient art of Feng Shui with the modern busy household needs to optimize your home. 

You will discover the power of the yin and yang energy, and how bringing the 5 elements of nature helps you create a better harmony in your home and attract prosperity, health, love, infinite possibilities with care and compassion.

It's not me saying it...

‘I feel so much more organised in my head when my office is organised and there is free space. Feng shui is very effective.’
‘I have experienced the positive impact of using feng shui in my work space! it’s a MUST DO’
This weekend I've started moving things at home, throwing or giving away things I don't use anymore, and, today, when I got back home from work, I found out that some flowers that were fading of an orchid opened up again, it's amazing! I assume that the changes have improved the energy flow and attracted more good vibes to my home 🙂 My plan is to keep working on it in the upcoming days, I need to make it a habit.
‘Oh I love applying feng shui into my life and work environment, simple but so powerful!’
‘I know that creating harmony in my surroundings helps to avoid chaos in my head. Just sometimes let the office go too long without sorting. I always regret it!’

How much do you value a happy life?

Enhance your Home Lifestyle

Because Feng Shui is a lifestyle, let me walk with you in the Feng Shui Journey.

    • SIXx 60-minute sessions 
    • Virtual or Live consultation
    • Exercises, Bagua orientation for your workplace
    • Live recommendations
    • Written report with key enhancements priority
    • Suggestions for developing new Environment Strategies
    • Recording of the sessions


  • Pick my brain on What’s App during the following four weeks
  • 2x 30 minutes virtual follow up, two weeks after each consultation
  • Metrics to measure the impact of the changes

Please note, cost of travelling will be applicable if outside of Jersey CI.

Create your  Harmonious Home

Let’s work together for a little longer and really get you and your environment in a good place!

    • FOUR x 60-minute on-site sessions
    • Virtual or live consultation
    • Exercises, Bagua orientation for your workplace
    • Live recommendations
    • Written report with key enhancements priority
    • Recording of the sessions


  • Pick my brain on What’s App during the following four weeks
  • 30 minutes virtual follow up, four weeks after the first consultation

Please note, cost of travelling will be applicable if outside of Jersey CI.

Shift your Home Energy  

Do you have a phone or a laptop with a camera? If you do, let’s do some Virtual  Feng Shui Consult. You can show me around of your  space and I will be able to give you some Smart Shui moves on claiming and energising your workspace, while remaining a heaven for comfort, creating a better Yin/Yang Balance.

  • One x 60-minute Virtual session
  • Walk through your workspace
  • Exercises, Bagua orientation for your workplace
  • Live recommendations
  • Recording of the sessions


  • 30 minutes virtual follow up, two weeks after the first consultation

The Principles of Feng Shui isn't for everybody but if you resonate with everything that I talked about, if you are truly ready to commit and make the necessary changes to transform your life, I am here for you.


I discovered Feng Shui 10 years ago. I was intrigued and read a couple of books which seemed very complicated, then the third book was what triggered this passion in me. So, I started researching, reading, learning all about it. I finally decided to get trained and was mentored by the renowned Feng Shui Expert, Davina MacKail, author of Hay House Best Seller ‘Feng Shui, Create Health, wealth and happiness through the Power of your Home’. She has shared with me her wealth of knowledge,  wisdom and love for Feng Shui. I have then studied several schools and now blending the techniques to adapt to the clients needs. I guess I am more following Black Hat-Style, Contemporary and Environment psychology… 

Straight away, I could feel myself being more enthused, energetic, joyful when I started using it, which affected my business and my relationships with my clients. Just a few adjustments can produce incredible changes. I truly believe simple enhancements would benefit you, your family and bringing a renewed, more balanced energy to your environment.

Are you ready to give it a go and see how the principles of Feng Shui can be used to evolve your home into a new dynamic future?

PS: What Feng Shui isn't...

  • a magic potion (although you will see unexpected miracles occur!)
  • woo-woo, it is a Traditional Eastern Philosophy which has been practiced for centuries!
  • a doctor diagnosis, if you need physical help, sick your doctor!
  • an imposition of strict rules, personalize Feng Shui to your space
  • just about re-arranging your furniture, it’s a lifestyle!

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Let me inspire you to thrive...

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