Would you like to fast track your startup business?

Coming up with a business plan is just the start of the journey.

Building a successful business requires good foundations, the correct materials, and the right tools.

Research by Small Bizz reveals 90% of new StartUps fail! Key reasons include lack of experience by owners, poor company management and issues over cash flow – all problems that can be addressed with better support in the early stages.

Our Business StartUp Box gives you everything you need to help you side-step these problems and fast track your business from the drawing board into a successful enterprise.


The secret of success

Successful businesses put customers at the heart of everything they do. StartUps can be so overwhelmed with admin and the demands of getting a business going it can be easy to lose focus on the customer. Our Business StartUp Box takes the pressure off you as you build your business so you can concentrate on doing what you do best – looking after your customers and offering exceptional products and services.


What is the Business StartUp Box?

The box includes detailed guides to five steps customer focused framework to get your business started, generating revenue and becoming a thriving success:



Step One – Purpose

Step Two – Planning

Step Three – People

Step Four – Promotion

Step Five – Prosperity




In addition the box includes 120 Business Solution Documents and Customizable Templates covering every detail of running a business, from financial and invoice templates, to marketing strategies, social media plans and everything you need to deal with all your admin and help your business thrive.


Business StartUp Mentoring

With over 30 years’ working in customer service, and 10 years running my own business and franchise opportunity I have learnt how to make a StartUp thrive.

The Business StartUp Box draws my personal experiences so you can avoid making the sort of simple mistakes other StartUps might make. This allows you to focus on developing your products and services, building a loyal customer base, and positioning yourself as a customer-centric expert in your area.

If you need more support, I can be there to advise you every step of the way, mentoring, motivating and offering one-to-one coaching and business development sessions.


Who is the Business StartUp Box for?

The Business StartUp Box is designed for anyone who has a business idea who needs expert help and support getting started. It is ideal for:

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Millennials who have spotted a gap in the market
  • People who have had enough of 9-5 and want to work for themselves
  • Working parents who need a flexible career to fit around childcare
  • Anyone who wants a better work-life balance
  • Someone who wants to turn a business into a franchise


What we don’t do

The Business StartUp Box does not contain legal or regulatory documents and you should contact your local government body for advice on setting up and operating your business in the jurisdiction where you live. Your local government body should be able to give you appropriate information about accessing local finance plus information on data protection, taxes, employment law and local legal requirements.


Want to know more about Business StartUp Box and Business StartUp Mentoring? Only one way to do that, check out:


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