There must be something very attractive about islands as I return from Manila, in the Philippines, and after fallen in love with Jersey about 25 years ago, I return with my heart buzzing of excitement after discovering Manila.

OK, there are a few differences;

  • Jersey is 119.5 km², where Metro Manila is 619.5 km²
  • Jersey has a population of about 100,000 people where Manila has about 10 Million,
  • Jersey hit the mid-twenties in Summer where Manila hit mid-thirties…

But apart from the weather, size and the density, they are incredibly similar… it seems that everyone knows everyone, there is a large community of expats, everyone wants to help each other and beaches to die for!!

So, I was invited to speak to the Franchise Asia Conference on 28th March, hence my decision to stay a bit longer and discover the city. The Franchise Asia Conference was so well organized and the attendees were coming from all over Asia. Then, you could attend the Franchise Asia Exhibition, well, I have never seen so many people in one place!! The exhibition was on two floors over 3 days, it was incredible, from Petrol station (with actual petrol pumps) to Restaurants, cafes, massage parlours, the variety of businesses being franchised was mind blowing (check out my little video around the Exhibition on FB)

I was very lucky to be looked after by Cesca and Aimee from Franchise World Link, as they are helping me to find a Franchise Master in Manila, and their support and knowledge was invaluable. We did not stop for 10 days; from networking events with Franchise Asia, BNi, Young Chamber Association, the Philippines Retail Association, British Chamber of Commerce BBQ, to arranging meeting with potential clients, who are keen to develop their Employee and Customer Experience with my Caring Service Culture Programme; it was a busy schedule.

I also thought whilst I was there it would great the perfect opportunity to organize my own seminar, where 30 Manila leaders turned up at the Fairmont Hotel, not only listen to my presentation but I did get them Speed Buzzing too and we had such a good engagement from everyone, a real eye opener on Employee and Customer Centricity needs in Manila.

And finally, my new friend Lloyd Luna who is the founder of The Philippines Association of the Professional Speakers decided to put a ‘Special’ Event on just because I was there, wow, that was amazing to share my passion in front of Professional Speakers, a bit nervous to start with but they were so welcoming that the nerves changed into laughter and excitement.

Business in Manila is fast and furious, filled with young entrepreneurs with incredible ideas and business mindset, I have come back completely buzzed up and there is so much I would like to bring to local businesses, from CX training Institute, to BQB CX Culture programme, I am even going to develop a new Customer Experience Practitioner Training Programme online… so exciting!! will keep you all posted, and Manila, I am so looking forward to returning very soon…

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