Constancy is comforting, why break the glass if it’s not broken, right? Whereas change is scaring, change is the unknown, but like the spiral, change is growth, progress and development.

Over the last 10 years, I have been helping businesses with measuring their customer service with Mystery Shopping, uncovering the unseen then supporting them in analysing the results to improve their service delivery. I could see training was a gap and so I trained and then developed my own Customer Service training programme, to give real tools to employees to give better service.  I have always been trying to anticipate my client needs, developing and launching new products and services which they didn’t even know they needed.

If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.

Henry Ford

Bringing a new idea or a new programme, I can hear Debbie, my assistant saying, ‘what is she launching now?’ Jokingly of course, but I can’t stop myself… I hear people talk and I want to find a solution for their problem, isn’t it what we all businesses do, finding solutions to problems?

Spirals are everywhere in nature, it represent movement through life experiences,  the spiral of life represents birth, death, and rebirth, plants grow from seed to trees then die and another one grow, the cycle of the season is changing from winter to spring, summer to autumn, it is a conscious evolution of nature.

We are entering a new era, it is time to evolve into the next phase of higher consciousness where businesses must become account for their environment, their people and their customers. There is a real shift that needs to happen where Caring is at the centre of everything we do. According to Deloitte, 88% of US employees do not think that the organisation they work for care about them, wow, isn’t it crazy to think that 8 out of 10 people wake up every morning, go to work and don’t feel that no-one cares for them and what they do.

Like the spiral, I am evolving again, my obsession for inspiring businesses hasn’t changed, but my focus how to do it has, feeling valued, respect, loved is everyone’s goal in life, that’s the reason why I want to bring a more holistic approach to Employee and Customer Experience, bringing more yin energy into very yang businesses and leaders, that feminine energy which shows people around you that you care, that you have feelings, compassion, empathy, trust and that you have their back, those are the foundation of a true caring culture. Alluring the senses by connecting on an emotional level, increasing employees’ engagement which will increase customer loyalty and ultimately increase local economic growth.

So, why not bring more ‘Claire’ into your business, let me inspire you to thrive, empowering your team with tools to feel good in their environment, in themselves and with other, and be enthused with energy, brilliant ideas, bold but practical ways to be a spiral, grow, develop and progress to being a thriving business with happy employees and happy customers.

Check out my new website… it’s shiny, stimulating and stupendous just like me, well at least that’s what people say about me after they’ve experienced the Sensory Queen, Caring in Business Specialist in action…


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