Living authentically your values and culture

I am absolutely delighted to be asked by Claire to share my thoughts on Organisational Culture.  

The culture of an organisation defines who you are and what you stand for.  

I’m excited by leaders who authentically live the values and culture of their organisation. It gives permission to other people in the organisation to do so too. They become a role model to follow and aspire to.  The leaders of such organisations practice values-based leadership and care about the well-being of all their employees.

Cultural transformation begins with the personal transformation of the leaders.

Organisations don’t transform. People do.

United cultures engage their people. When they’re engaged, they bring their creative and discretionary energy to work. And that’s where the magic happens. New ideas and higher productivity. Stats show increases of 300-1200% productivity between engaged and disengaged workers.

Who you are as an organisation on the inside looks a lot like who you are on the outside: authenticity can no longer be faked.

You cannot copy a culture, you can only grow and develop it.

The starting point in your culture change initiative is to find out what is working and not working in the organisation. Claire has developed the Customer Experience Diagnostic which will provide you with valuable insights focused on: Culture, Environment, People & Customers.

Regardless of what sort of culture you want for your company, I believe in Claire’s mantra that you really do have to care about about your people and your customers. You are all in it together.. When you don’t care, the culture suffers because it’s everyone for themselves.

Kim Paterson

Kim Paterson

The Catalyst Partnership

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