This week, as well as celebrating Mother’s Day, The Fragrance Foundation – which is the fragrance industry’s very own organisation and sets standards of works with perfume brands and retailers (also organises The Jasmine Awards annually, to recognise journalistic perfume brilliance) – is coordinating a whole week of events to celebrate National Fragrance Week.

The Fragrance Foundation UK has over 150 member companies, including manufacturers, marketers, media, and retailers. Working with Oxford Economics – one of the world’s foremost independent global advisory firms – The Fragrance Foundation UK Oxford Economics Report found the industry contributed £7.1 billion to the UK economy, nearly 127,000 jobs, and £2.1 billion in tax in 2018.

WHY CELEBRATING Fragrance Week? Well, it raises the profile and reputation of the fragrance industry, it also showcase career opportunities within the industry. Drive consumers into stores and create excitement around fragrance and promote the importance of the sense of smell and the art of perfumery. Most of all it encourages consumers to create their own “Wardrobe of Fragrances”

Appreciate the Power of Smell; understanding the science of smell is so powerful: it goes through the limbic system, the most ancient and primitive part of the brain, which is thought to be the seat of emotion. Engaging consumers in their instinctive response to scent, which is immediate and focuses on the emotional rather than the rational. Promoting the complex psychology to smelling & how it makes us feel – it can have an impact on our wellbeing & our mood.

The sense of smell allows us to detect information from our environment and all that inhabits it. It is the oldest of all the senses and relies on odorants in the form of volatile molecules to stimulate it. As an odour molecule enters our nose it travels towards the mucous membrane, which is located at the top of the airway either side of the nasal septum, where the scent receptors are located. The odour molecule swirls over the mucous membrane until it finds an olfactory receptor that it fits into, which then sends a message to the brain. This phenomenon is often referred to as the lock and key theory – the receptor works like a lock, the odour like a key.

So fragrance affect our moods, within seconds it will take us back in a place in the past where we connected at an emotional level. My grand-mother use to wear Channel 5, it’s funny how everytime I smell Channel 5, I am back in her arms within seconds. Smell triggers our most hidden secrets and memories, what is your scent memory??

I will be in Voisins Department Store on Saturday 21st March to celebrate Fragrance Week, so if you are looking for a gift for Mother’s day, pop down to see me and get your Mum an BEEjoux perfume with EAU d’abeille

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