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Customer Service is Claire's passion....

This episode features Claire- Boscq Scott- Originally from France, Claire started her working life in the hospitality industry, working at the Epcot Centre in Disney World, Florida. Moving to Jersey in 2000, Claire ran the St Brelade’s Bay Hotel, then opened the refurbished Royal Yacht. She also worked at the L’Horizon Hotel before setting up her own business in 2009, The Busy Queen Bee, which was the only pan-island Mystery Shopping company, inspiring businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

She has recently taken up the post of CEO of the Jersey Hospitality Industry – It’s a super busy time for Claire and today we wanted to pick her brains to hear about their career thus far and what attracted her and has kept her in her various roles.

It is clear the Customer Service is Claire’s passion and we wish her all the very best in her new role at this exciting time for both the Island and the hospitality industry.


3 simple steps to enhance your workspace, productivity, balance and performance

In this episode, Claire and I share 3 simple steps to enhance your workspace, productivity, balance and performance. We discuss and look at the physical environment, personal state of being and customer experience.

Whether you’re working from home or back in the office, this is going to be a thought-provoking, Podcast – definitely not to be missed!

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Maximize Your Productivity By Enhancing Your Environment with Claire Boscq-Scott

According to our guest, Claire Boscq-Scott, to thrive in their job and career, Leaders, Managers and Employees need to have a working environment who is going to support them, not hinder them. In this session, you will discover Claire’s own BizShui Creation; a blend of the ancient Feng Shui principles with the modern business needs to optimize workplaces and home-office.

You will learn how to:

  • Make simple but powerful changes in your environment to maximize your productive at no cost.
  • Boost confidence, focus and drive, enhancing a positive mindset and peace of mind.
  • Achieve a healthy work/life balance to increase happiness, conduce greater creativity and optimize  performances.

Awarded No 3 Top Global Customer Service Guru with three decades of expertise, Claire Boscq-Scott, is an authority in the Customer Experience Industry. Author of 3 books; with a No 1 Amazon Best Seller in 2020, she is an international media influencer and her work has been published in Brazil, Philippines, India, US & Europe.

EX for CX ft Claire Boscq-Scott by Supriya Sharma

Following Richard Branson who says, “Loyal employees in any company create loyal customers, who in turn create happy shareholders”, we set out to understand the equation EX = CX (Employee Experience = Customer Experience) with Claire Boscq-Scott, No.3 Top Global Customer Service Guru, author of 3 books (with a No.1 Amazon bestseller), BizShui creator, a marvellous keynote speaker who’s spoken in over 20 countries and the winner of the Institute of Director award. Here’s what we talk about: – Causality dilemma-what came first? The chicken or the egg? – Employees as brand advocates – Rule of reciprocity – Self care before customer care – Organisational focus – Data for good – An exclusive BizShui tip for great employee experiences Claire’s LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/clairebos… Experience the magic of service!

Inspire your Life - A Podcast by Arthi Rabikrisson

How to rise stronger after a fall

In this episode, Arthi talks with Claire Boscq-Scott, who shares how her realisation that her life was heading out of control, both personally and in her career, made her take the brave decision to take her power back, So, she quit her stressful job, moved to the island of Jersey, even got divorced and had to find her feet again. But it gave birth to her successful entrepreneurial journey. That was 12 years ago.
However Claire experienced a severe business setback due Covid-19 last year, where she lost all her clients in a matter of days. But she bounced back, through her self-awareness and personal development modalities she had invested in before, and also by asking for support when she needed in.

Claire shares a lot more about how she found her next chapter in terms of her business journey purpose within feng shui mixed with how to incorporate this with our work environment. She has risen stronger after the fall and shares her words of wisdom with all of us, with practical and useful advice to get your mindset into optimism and openness, for success.

Claire Boscq-Scott is an international award-winning Customer Experience Expert, the creator of The BizShui concept, a Keynote Speaker who has spoken in over 20 countries, an author of 3 books; with a No 1 Amazon Best Seller in 2020, she is an international media influencer.

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Create a Shui-t Work Environment

Episode 64 – How You Set up is How You Work

For the last 18 months, we’ve been doing the best we can. Working from home has been both a blessing and a curse. But did you know your office space defines how well you work? In this episode Business Feng Shui Expert Claire Boscq-Scott takes us behind the scenes of what it takes to boost your energy, productivity and your profits. Claire is the No 5 Top 30 Global Customer Service Guru , UK Top 10 CX Influencer and CX Thought Leader 2020, with three decades of expertise in Mystery shopping and Customer Service. Claire, AKA The Busy Queen Bee, is an authority in the Customer Experience Industry. She uses different techniques such as NLP, Feng Shui, EI, Mindfulness to bring a more holistic and comprehensive approach to Employee and Customer eXperience. Empowering leaders to bring more care into what they do, enhancing their environments to create sensorial experiences and allure the senses to connect on an emotional level. Measuring performances to drive employees’ engagement and increase loyal customers, ultimately grow businesses’ profit and the overall local economy.

Podcast Episode 110 How to be centered in our home offices

Join me today as I interview Claire Boscq-Scott and we discuss How to be centered in our home offices and in nature. Claire gave tactical tips for you to apply to your life TODAY to have a more centered workspace that produces SELF-CONFIDENCE and SELF-ESTEEM for you to show up at your BEST! Listen in below!

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How to reach our Guest:

Claire Boscq-Scott





Business Feng Shui Program is a unique approach of Feng Shui theory ‘Claire’s Business Shui’; blending a new feel of the ancient art of Feng Shui with the modern business needs to optimize workplaces, increase performances & customer experiences, ultimately driving growth and profitability.

If you are intrigued and want to know how you can improve your performances by improving your workspace??

Send me the photo of your office and Book your 15mins Home Office Shui Audit with me!


BizShui The secret weapon to thrive in your home office

Last year we all scrambled to set up a home office to connect with our team and clients, using a pile of books or a box of tissues to sit your laptop on, while you perched in front of a window providing your viewers a silhouette or up the nose camera angle.  Let’s admit it none of us were prepared for the long haul and now many of us have chosen “working from home” as the new norm. 

Our environment affects our state, and our state affects our behaviour, simple right!  

Claire is the Number 1 Woman Customer Service Global Guru, her business and life are blended in providing her clients the tools to serve their customers with an experience that exceeds their expectations, building growth and their bottom line.  Finding herself like many of us working from home she tapped into her long-time passion of Feng Shui and now works with clients around the world in creating an environment that they love to work in, making them feel good, while effectively using their space and materials while aligning the flow of energy with their own state and that’s the purpose of Feng Shui. 

Website. https://www.claireboscqscott.com/business-feng-shui/ 

Links for Podcast Interview Below:


FOX TALKS BUSINESS PODCAST The Importance of Service

On Tuesday Tany Fox released her episode with her favorite Queen Bee Claire, on March 1st she is opening her B-Hive Mastermind.
If you have ever asked yourself
Do you want to help people solving their issues?
Do you want to sell more of your products or services?
Do you want more loyal customers?
Increase shopping basket size
Increase brand awareness and positive online reputation
Do you want increase repeat business, more referrals and recommendations by word of mouth?
Do you want to reduce your customer complaints and negative comments on social media?
Then I encourage you to check out her program. Visit her on social media @claireboscqscottkeynotespeaker or her website for more details.

Links for Podcast Interview Below:


Valuing your customers

SuperStar Communicator Susan Heaton-Wright speak to Claire.

How do you show you really value your clients and customers? Why is this so important for any business? Well we have Customer Experience and Secret Shopping expert Claire Boscq Scott to share her secrets. This includes:

1. Ensuring your customers have the opportunity to provide feedback – and for you to listen!

2. Identify what customers really need to ensure their experiences are positive.

3. A smile and politeness go a long way to improving the experience for your clients.

Links for Podcast Interview Below:


Episode 116: The Art of Designing and Implementing a Mystery Shopper Programme

Join us with Yanique all the way from Jamaica when we discussed all things Mystery Shopping and Customer Experience…

Links for Podcast Interview Below:

Apple Podcasts – http://bit.ly/Episode116ClaireBoscqScottApplePodcasts

Stitcher Radio – https://bit.ly/StitcherNavigatingtheCX
Spotify – http://bit.ly/Episode116ClaireBoscqsScottSpotify

Our Website –  http://bit.ly/Episode116ClaireBoscqScott

You Tube – http://bit.ly/Episode116ClaireBoscqScottYouTube

Episode 34 - Walk a Mile in Your Customers' Moccasins

Join Marc Haine and myself as we discuss how to walk a mile in your customers’ Moccasins…

An independent study indicates that 98% of small and medium-sized business owners feel they deliver extraordinary customer service, while only 38% of their customers feel that way. In this episode, Mystery Shopping and Customer Service Specialist Claire Boscq-Scott will uncover tips and tricks to truly understand the level of service you are providing

Episode 111: The Experience This! Show

Learn about the mysteries of a mystery shopper. Mystery shoppers reveal experience secrets – Claire Boscq-Scott’s book The Secret Diary of a Mystery Shopper offers exceptional findings from the observation of unknown shoppers.

Episode 121: The Secret Diary of a Mystery Shopper

In this episode I chat with Claire Boscq-Scott all the way from the Jersey Isle who shares with us her tales, strategies and implementation of her mystery shopping company over the past decade with her clients throughout the UK, Europe, Asia and Africa. 

With the launch of her “tell all” book The Secret Diary of a Mystery Shopper, if you have customers this is a must listen. 

"Episode #002 Claire Boscq- Scott talking about overcoming adversity to succeed.

Let me introduce you to today’s inspiring guest. She’s one of the top 30 customer service gurus, a regular bilingual keynote speaker and author of two notable CX books. She studied at Disney university, and went on to be known as the busy Queen Bee. Most recently she bravely closed her mystery shopping business to successfully pivot, reinvent herself and embrace digital ways of working in the face of Coronavirus.

A Conversation with "Claire Boscq-Scot, The Queen Bee" - Episode #8

IN THIS EPISODE, we are joined by Claire Boscq-Scott, founder of the Busy Queen Bee. Claire tells us her story, how she got to become a Global Gurus, and why she is so passionate about Customer and employee Experience.

Intrinsic motivation for extrinsic results - Claire Boscq-Scott on Engati CX

IN THIS EPISODE, we are joined by Claire Boscq-Scott, founder of the Busy Queen Bee. Claire talks about Intrinsic motivation for extrinsic results on Engati CX. He says AI and tech are incredible ways to understand customers, build conversations, and personalize data. Technology is incredible, but it will not replace humans. Tech should be used as much as possible, but the human touch is very important and both should work in a combined way.

EP11 Bringing More Care into Your Business with Claire Boscq-Scott​

IN THIS EPISODE, we are joined by Claire Boscq-Scott, founder of the Busy Queen Bee company and author of 2 books, to talk about how to bring more care into your business as a leader and entrepreneur. Care is such a vital thing to consider as an entrepreneur because it shows how the whole spiral starts from you as the leader and affects how it trickles down to your employees and then to your customers. Claire also reminds us of the importance of having the right balance of Yin and Yang energy to build successful and thriving global businesses.

CXChronicles Podcast Episode 52 with Claire Boscq-Scott Global Customer Service Guru

Adrian and Claire discuss tips and ideas around customer and employee feedback plus the importance of creating a positive culture within your company.

#79: Customer and Employee Experience with Claire Boscq-Scott

Trevor Lee is joined today by Claire Boscq-Scott who is a Customer & Employee Experience Expert. Claire talks about how increasing employee engagement and customer loyalty will help generate revenues. Claire is a global speaker and shares in the podcast 4 top tips to help your business increase its customer and employee engagement.

The Culture of Caring Featuring Guest Claire Boscq-Scott' by Amazing Business Radio

Claire Boscq-Scott is a Customer & Employee Experience Expert. Claire talks about how increasing employee engagement and customer loyalty will help generate revenues. Claire is a global speaker and shares in the podcast 4 top tips to help your business increase its customer and employee engagement.


Business Feng Shui

Access your 3 Smart Shui Moves to improve your performances

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