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I am sure you have read this story before, but it has actually happened to me so I felt even more compelled to tell it, again and again, to remind businesses that winning a customer isn’t the goal in a business, but creating relationships, nurturing relationships and creating loyalty IS the goal of any business. This is the real Yin in a business, genuinely caring for your customers so you have their complete advocacy, they will love you, bury from you, return to you and recommend you forever, saving you thousands in advertising…

Anyway here is the story:

It’s the story of ‘Ben’, I think it’s a nice name, so let’s call him Ben for the purpose of this story, Ben is on his way to heaven and he meets Peter, at the gate of heaven and hell, who welcomes him warmly and say to him where do you want to go, heaven or hell? So Ben says: ‘well I am not too sure, can I have a quick look at both before I make up my mind?’ And Peter responds: ‘of course, let’s go and check it out’….

So, they both get into the lift and they before stopping on the first floor Ben can hear music playing, laughter, all sort of noises, the door opens and Peter says we are in Hell, go and have a look. So, Ben walk in and there is a huge party going on, people laughing, eating, drinking all seem to be having a fantastic time. Ben comes back to the lift and said, wow, that seems really good I really like it, can we go to Heaven now?

The lift goes to the second floor and the doors open, and Ben goes into a peaceful and calm environment, where people are there either chatting or meditating, very nice and welcoming.

Ben comes back to the lift and Peter ask: so is it going to be heaven or hell?

Ben respond: although Heaven looks lovely, Hell looks like the kind of place I would like to be forever, I want to go to hell. Are you sure Peter asked? Yes, yes, I am sure, I want to party and have fun it seems to be amazing out there.

So, the lift goes back to the first floor, the doors open and Ben walk-in to Hell, the doors close behind him but Ben is wondering where is the music? where is the party? He approaches someone who was lying on the floor looking miserable and ask him: ‘What’s going on? Where is the party?’

The man on the floor look up at him and says: ‘Haa you were here earlier?’

Ben says: yes I was and you were all having an amazing time, I am coming to join you!!

And the man respond: ‘Well, earlier you were a potential customer, now you are a customer, this is reality’.

OK, I am sure you see where I am coming from, I have this happen to me, I was promised all sorts, we can do this for you, yes, we will that for you and once I paid the bill, nothing happened, I chased, and chased and all the promises had never materialised, you can imagine how disappointed I was, a lesson learnt I am telling myself.

BUT, if you are in business, NEVER EVER make promises that you cannot keep hold of, your customers will not thank you for it and will become a ‘saboteur’ instead of an ‘advocate’ of your business… a quick advice, don’t let that happen!


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