No 5 Top 30 Global Customer Service Guru  UK Top 10 CX Influencer and CX Thought Leader 2020, Claire Boscq-Scott, is launching her new book, The Secret Diary of a Mystery Shopper.

Claire Boscq-Scott is known locally for her mystery shopping and customer service obsession, she is already the author of two books; Thrive with the Hive published in 2016 and recently launched in 2018 Thriving by Caring, with its Audible version and its French version Prospérer en étant attentionné.

And after running her own Mystery Shopping business for 11 years, she publishes this journal of True Customer Service Stories through the eyes of a secret shopper: The Good, The Bad and The Exceptional… The Virtual launch will be celebrated on Wednesday 9th September, with guests, stories, gifts, but it’s a secret at the moment!

‘I have the best job in the world! says Claire, I get paid to get massages, nails done, eat in restaurants and sleep in fabulous hotels…’

Wouldn’t you love to get paid to shop??

I have indeed the best job in the world, Claire continues, not because I get paid to shop but because I help businesses improving their service delivery, increase their employees’ engagement and customer loyalty, win industry awards and grow their profitability! And if the local businesses thrive so will the local economy, win-win for everybody…

Claire Boscq-Scott established her business in 2009 with more than three decades of mystery shopping and customer service expertise, she is a though-leader in the CX industry.

“Claire has been a Keynote speaker on some big international stages over the last couple of years from Beijing to Kuala Lumpur, Manila to Mumbai, she brings a more holistic approach to EX & CX; enhancing environment, increasing employees’ engagement and customer loyalty through Caring Service Culture. 

“This pandemic has made every single businesses re-evaluate what they do, and more than ever, I know, businesses have no option than put every effort in taking care of their employees and customers. Celebrating 11 years, this September, running my own Mystery Shopping & Customer Service business, my mission to help business to thrive by delivering exceptional customer experience has never been more ardent and have pivoted all of my services online, from Training, to Coachsulting, with new Mystery Shopping Online Training, and virtual or live workshops.’



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