The Beehive illustrationI often get asked why is the business called The Busy Queen Bee? I have to admint at first it was a bit of a joke, and I used to say my Mystery Shoppers were my worker bees, and I was in the hive dealing with the results, as the queen bee, and so the notion of ‘The Hive’ really appealed to me.  I began my research into the queen bee and her role in the beehive. I soon discovered a book called ‘The Wisdom of Bees’, by Michael O’Malley. This was a total revelation as, being a beekeeper, O’Malley was able to talk in detail about bees and, by looking hard at the hive, create 25 lessons on what the hive can teach business about leadership, efficiency and growth.

Bees have been revered by past generations, who saw in the life of the hive virtues that were worthy of importing into our own society. From the early scribbling’s of cave dwellers, through to the creation stories of the Egyptians and Greeks, to the coats of arms of the middle Ages adorned with the courageous bee, the bee has been a divine emissary of the sacred and profound. In fact, through the millennial, bees at one time or another have come to symbolize power, health, immortality, wisdom, valor, eloquence, and plenty.

These ready associations were not lost on demagogues such as Napoléon, who, when crowned emperor in 1804, dispensed with the traditional imperial garb in favor of a bee-studded coronation robe. However, his vision of the hive—and for his reign—was not one of community and democracy. Napoléon was seizing the grandeur of the bee for his own ends, and slyly legitimizing the occasion of his crowning—as in the hive, that there would be a monarch over all.

I am amazed by The hive’s behavior, it is like a miniature but incredibly successful business; they are an inspirational, ever-present reminder of the natural possibilities of organizational excellence and the Queen Bee raises the standards, promoting a positive culture with a strong leadership. This is the reason why I am using this analogy throughout my organisation and this is the reason why you will see our little Worker Bee buzzing around this website.

I love so much the queen bee, and its incredible balance of feminine and masculine energy. The feminine energy of the queen, who is totally devoted to caring for the wellbeing of its worker bees and the masculine energy of the queen, who would do whatever it takes to achieve its mission and lead her harmonious groups of co-ordinated, efficient and productive bees that why I decided to brand myself as The Busy Queen Bee.

Everything seems to be falling into place, from Franchising the business to Mark, The Busy Guernsey Bee, who creating his new Hive, to helping people to grow their business by growing their network through my Speed Buzzing events, and of course my book, Thrive with the Hive, with my very special Customer Service Waggle dance, I love the way I can incorporate so many with buzz-words such as honey, buzzing, sweet this has also helped to grow The Busy Queen Bee brand.

The Busy Queen Bee brand is a powerful component of the operation, and impact on the overall success of each “beehives”. Brand attracts customers; it increases awareness, trust and customer loyalty, and it helps differentiate our services from the competition and stand out from the crowd.




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