inspirational-quote-claire-boscq-scott-the-busy-queen-beeToday my guest blogger is Rohini Rathour who has kindly send me a shorter version of her blog: “Seven C’s to a more empowered society”

I met Rohini on her journey of writing her first book “Leading Ladies” which I have the privilege to feature in (if you want your copy… check here)

Rohini has had an amazing life journey herself and here are her seven steps that have helped her to feel more empowered and ready to take on whatever challenge life throws at us.

Competence: Most things can be learnt. Just because you can’t do something well today does not mean you don’t have the ability to do it better. Choose the things you really want to master, or just do better, and then steadily build on your levels of competency. Modern day technology is a gift to those who love to learn new things. Use it. Seek help. Find those who will be willing to mentor you and teach you. You may be surprised to discover how much more you can get in life if you simply pluck up the courage to ask nicely.

Confirmation: So you’ve spent time (and possibly money) learning a skill that you feel you are ready to unleash upon the world, or just on your colleagues and customers. It is worth getting some objective feedback on how you are doing. Positive feedback is validation of our efforts and can sometimes lead to complacency.  Constructive negative feedback should make you raise your game and learn to do even better.

Confidence: Getting good at something is one of the best confidence boosters, especially if it was something you once thought you could never do. Having greater self-confidence is what makes us brave in the face of uncertainty.  Knowing that you have faced the unknown before and have come out the other side is the best tonic for building greater self-belief.  Dare to be different.

Connections: However self-assured you are, life sometimes has a way of poking holes in our bucket of self-esteem making us feel less confident. Making the right connections at the right time can be life changing. Finding a kindred spirit can sometimes feel like pure luck, but it can also be a numbers game. The best connections happen when you step out of your comfort zone without prior motive and connect with people you don’t know.

Competition: The presence of competition is a sign that the thing you are going after is valuable enough to attract the attention of others. Be aware of your competition and how you are different from them.  Most products and services become commoditised over time reducing their worth. The only thing that stays unique and whose value you have greater control over is your personal brand and what you as a unique individual have to offer.

Co-operation: Great leaders build strong teams of people who can bring about much needed change. True empowerment cannot be borne out of selfishness. Co-operation and collaboration in business are also excellent means of creating win-win situations.

Compassion: Try as we might to fight against it, there will always be inequality in society. It will not be solved with just money or good intentions. Once you have discovered who you are, what you are truly capable of and have realised your true potential, you may find you want to help others do the same. Some day that boomerang of kindness you directed at others might just return to you in your hour of need completing the circle of empowerment.   

Life is a constant lesson in humility.  However strong and powerful you might feel today, there might come a time when the picture of your life that you worked so hard to build is shattered by events outside your control.  You never know how the boomerang of kindness you directed at others might return to you some day.  


Find out more about Rohini here.


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