If you still think that social media is a fad and you don’t get it, well I think it’s time for you to put your skates on and start getting it.

The statistic provided by Statista, gives us information on the most popular networks worldwide as of April 2017, ranked by number of active accounts.


Social network usage by consumers is highly diverse: platforms such as Facebook or Google+ are highly focused on exchanges between friends and family and are constantly pushing interaction through features like photo or status sharing and social games. Other social networks like Tumblr or Twitter are all about rapid communication and are aptly termed microblogs. Some social networks focus on community; others highlight and display user-generated content.

Instagram has been growing like crazy essentially since it went live in 2010, and under Facebook — which bought the company for $1 billion five years ago — it has had ample resources to keep that up. About 700 million people now use Instagram every month, with about 400 million of them checking in daily. More than 80 percent of Instagram’s users are now outside the United States, and the service is growing especially quickly in parts of Asia and South America that are dogged by underpowered Android phones and slow cellular networks.


It is time for businesses to take Social Media VERY seriously and not only ‘BEE’ present on different social media platform, but also learn how to use effectively and understand the insights each platform:

  • Are you sure members of your marketing team are engaging and understanding your customers?
  • Are they using the right hashtags and tagging the photos correctly?
  • Are they taking the time to determine the importance of those insights, and do they even know where to look?

If you are not sure if they do or not, why not get your social media Mystery Shopped? Having Audrey, my social media guru onboard, we can audit your social media platforms and give you some feedback on what is working and what’s not, enabling you to identify gaps and area of improvement in your social media engagement.



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