I had heard about NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) through watching fellow trainers and coaches talking about it for about 4 years and I thought,

‘oohhh I would like to know some more!’

 At the time there was no-one in Jersey who would offer that kind of training so it had gone out of my mind, until I saw a post on Facebook from Jennie Kitching who was coming to Jersey to run her 2 weeks’ NLP and Hypnotherapy certification training. I didn’t really want to take  2 weeks off work so I didn’t do anything about it, and as the course was about to start, I got an email saying someone had cancelled so they had one space left for me, that was a sign I had to do it!

I have to say, now 3 years later, I still remember most of the course as if it was last week. It really had been a transformational experience for me, on a personal level and also on a professional level. NLP has helped me to discover myself on a deep level. It has taught me some very simple techniques to help me every day to feel better and to help others.

When I started the course, I wanted to be able to help others but I didn’t realise how it had helped me!!

I discovered the study of excellence and learned the practical NLP principles and processes that by now I can use with my clients, in my personal life and in my career.

I use NLP techniques in everything that I do:

  • Coachsulting: I can show people how to break through limiting self-philosophies to help them live more empowered lives, remove old habits and unwanted feelings, and install new and more effective ways of thinking, acting and behaving, etc…
  • Training: I use NLP techniques in all my sessions, from Complaint Handling where we do the ‘Match-Pace-Lead’ technique, Rapport Building, where I teach how to build effective relationships rapidly, etc…
  • Speaking: I use NLP techniques to connect with the audience, I use Charisma Pattern to communicate with every type of people, I use different words to generate emotions, etc…
  • In my personal life, by now I enhance how I communicate, how I become self-aware of my own emotions so I can adapt to those around me and I automatically notice how I can reframe the words I use to keep a positive attitude and how I set each goal with well-formed outcome…

There was also something about working with Jennie, perhaps it was because she was a woman and I felt more connected to her, her voice, her questions, her approach was so friendly but at the same time so confident in her expertise I felt safe being with her and going on that journey of transformation.  By now, I am hoping you are realising how this can help you too as I want more people to feel this way! This incredibly powerful course gives you so much value:

  • Clarity on your vision, purpose & values
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • More self-confidence
  • Managing difficult people
  • Strengthening leadership capabilities
  • Developing new strategies for problem solving
  • Dealing with pain & phobias and anxiety
  • Creating more freedom & choice over your mindset
  • Breaking behavioural patterns
  • Developing stronger & healthier relationships
  • Improving your communication & presentation skills
  • Dealing with unexpected situations in life
  • Understanding the capabilities, strategies & mindsets of successful people
  • Creating more energy & relaxation in your life
  • Improving team & organisational performance
  • Achieving greater success in negotiation & sales

As you can see, I am now a bit of a fan of NLP and also Jennie Kitching and ever since that week together we have stayed in touch. By now I hope you are beginning to learn how impactful this can be and how it can improve so many aspects of your life. Yes, we have hosted incredibly powerful workshops together and given fascinating online presentations together too which you will find on YouTube and all over social media! 

Now I have the immense pleasure to be working once again with her, as we launch this NEW Certified NLP Online Training Course. This is the week long course that I did but NOW is available online. YES! Jennie’s continued consultation with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council to accredit this NLP course ONLINE now has been approved so that right now she can reach people home and abroad, yes, anyone in the world can benefit from Jennie’s expertise now and also become a Certified NLP Practitioner, like me, and start helping other people.  As Jennie said, by now I am hoping you realise this is the best job in the world!

Jennie Kitching GHSC, is an Advanced Hypnosis & NLP Teacher Trainer, Advanced Hypnotherapy & NLP Practitioner, Senior Hypnotherapist of The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council & Hypnosis College Principal.

Now, as you know, my mission is to help businesses and people to thrive in their lives and businesses and give exceptional customer experiences and I am asked to give my motivational speeches around the world to pass this enthusiasm and expertise on to others; yes, NLP is an incredible tool box to have so that you can achieve this feeling of living a successful life with a thriving business.

Want more details NOW??

Check the course out… and also we are offering this week long course right NOW for 50% only valid until 1st August so hurry up…


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