I am certain, many of us, have been in the same situation, one day you wake up and you actually realise that whatever you are doing isn’t working. And boy, I woke up… I got divorced, I packed my job and sold my house to set up my new business.

It was February 2009, we went on a break with a few of the girls, when I had my “AHAAHAA” moment… I suddenly remember the Mystery Guests, we had staying at the hotel, it always use to make me think, why are we paying someone from the UK to do this, surely it would be more cost effective to do it locally… and that’s where it all started. So Busy Queen Bee was launched in the September 2009, right in the middle of the recession, ‘Barking mad’ was a term I had heard several times. But I didn’t care, because all I wanted was to:

  • help people solving their issues
  • do what you love and make a living out of it
  • work when you want, with who you want, where you want
  • have financial and personal freedom
  • sell more of my services
  • have loyal customers who were going to recommend me to their friends and family
  • have happy, engaged employees
  • take a holiday from time to time, or just a weekend off
  • have that incredible feeling of achievement
  • have more energy and feel fit and healthy
  • spend time with kids, friends,  whilst running  my  successful business
  • make my loved one proud

Not that difficult, is it??

OK, so running a business isn’t as easy as it seems. Especially when you start, or you are a sole trader, small business owner or entrepreneur working for yourself or with a small team. Gosh, I remember when I started; I had never run a business on my own. I used to manage hotels and I was very good at it, but wow, the steps I took all on my own were huge. Suddenly, I didn’t have a team to do this or that, I had to do it all. From marketing to accountancy, from selling to content writing, and boy, I made some mistakes! Some were not so bad like typos on a webpage, but others were bigger, which cost me a lot of money. I guess you learn by your mistakes, but hey, if someone was to tell you there is an easier way to smell the sweet taste of successful, would you take the hard way?

Now I have to admit, setting up my own business was the best decision I have ever made, but it can feel a little lonely, overwhelming and confusing, with all those hats you have to wear and no-one around you to ask questions, get advice or share experiences.

Something I missed, when I started, was a tribe of like-minded people around me, don’t get me wrong, I have some amazing friends and family around me, but none were running their own business so I felt a little awkward sometimes asked for help.

So it’s not easy in normal time to run a business, but now during and after this pandemic, how much help are we all going to need to pull out all our strength and continue on our mission!

Do you need some support?

Do you feel overwhelmed and anxious?

Do you want to know how to bring your customers back and increase their loyalty?

Do you need some insight how to keep your team motivated and their performance high?

Do you want to thrive rather than just survive after Covid_19’s extraordinary period?

Why not joining me? I have given myself my birthday date (last Saturday) as a deadline to develop and create a new Business Mastery Group, somewhere where small business owners, entrepreneurs, sole traders can gather, learn, share, interact and of course care, buzz and strive.

I am on a mission to help as many people as I can to thrive by delivering service excellence, inspiring them in their Personal Mastery development and their Business Mastery growth, so if you are just like me and you want is to:

  • help people solving their issues?
  • do what you love and make a living out of it?
  • work when you want, with who you want, where you want?
  • have financial and personal freedom?
  • sell more of my services?
  • have loyal customers who were going to recommend me to their friends and family?
  • have happy, engaged employees?
  • take a holiday from time to time, or just a weekend off?
  • have that incredible feeling of achievement?
  • have more energy and feel fit and healthy?
  • spend time with kids, friends,  whilst running  my  successful business?
  • make my loved one proud?

Become a member of CBS Business Hive, and because it is my birthday, my present to you is a FREE month for you (offer is only valid until Friday 12th midnight) to check out all the amazing coaching, events, training, virtual speed networking I will be sharing with you! My first live 2 hours coaching event is on Monday 22nd June, so be sure to join by then!!


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