You have heard me saying this over and over again, but I am on a mission, a mission to bring more care into businesses, to inspire businesses to thrive and therefore show people how they can thrive at work, by creating more harmonious environments, learning how to feel better in themselves so they can feel better with others around them and ultimately deliver exceptional customer experiences, but they need to come first. So, I have decided to go Global about it, and create this Thriving at Work Experts’ Interview Series.


With disturbing employees engagement figures published in by Deloitte, where 88% of all people who work in this U.S feel they work for an organization that does not care about them, and three out of four are disengaged in what they’re doing according to Gallup.
Employees aren’t inspired by the companies, they don’t feel they are being cared for, therefore they become disengaged and don’t perform to the best of their abilities and customer service take a hit.
If they are not being cared for the employees will want escape, they will ring sick, they will be changing jobs hopping  from one job to another which increases the staff turnover, increase in sickness, increase disengagement and ultimately increase in overhead costs.
So this series is for Employees, anyone working and wanting to improve their life at work.


By giving the employees some tools so they can thrive at work, they can thrive within the culture, they can thrive in their environment, in themselves and with others.


52 weeks of Experts interviews, released weekly on social media or accessible on our Learning and Development Platform,, including my relationship within my culture, my environment, myself and my relationship with others.

Thriving in my culture? do I believe what my company believe, do I believe in the mission and the vision of the company inspire me. Are my values aligned with the values of my company. Millennium talk about this but I believe everyone want to work for companies who inspire them a caring culture values, do your personal values align with the business?

Thriving in my physical environment? A clean, healthy harmonious environment will help you to feel better and perform better, you need to learn how to create a harmonious environment so you can thrive at work, techniques like Feng shui, decluttering, environment psychology will be shown to you to just do that… 

Thriving in myself? Mental and emotional environment is so important, understand yourself so you can understand others, you can learn NLP techniques to improve your emotional intelligence, compassion, wellbeing and resilience, also important to look after yourself and you physical as well as mental, mindfulness, physical exercise, we will be given you lots of insight on intrinsic & extrinsic motivation, confidence building, personal branding, setting objectives, visualization, vision board, ect…

Thriving  with others? Everything in life is about relationship, your relationship in your social environment, how to build your tribe, NLP tips on relationships and rapport building, connecting with peers and delivering great service to your customers, customer service, relationship selling.

I believe we all want to help others, it is what we all do and being able to help others feel good in their workplace will also make us feel good. Only if we all work together to help employees feel good in their workplace, that change can happen. I think leaders are being told to do this and that, and so much pressure is on them, I want to get to the employees straight away and give them some tools so they can change their life without waiting for their leaders to make the changes.

We are entering a new era, it is time to start evolving into a higher level of consciousness where leaders are becoming accountable for their environment, their people and their customers.



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