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Giving you and your team the tools to feel happier and the skills to deliver exceptional customer experiences

Because your employees and customers deserve the best…

To be running a successful business in the 21st Century, you must develop and nurture a Caring Service Culture; you must start changing the service delivering to actually providing, consistently, your customers with exceptional customer experiences every time they walk through their doors and your employees a place where they can feel a part of, they are involved and empowered to help the business reach the higher mission.

Giving your employees the tools…

Bringing a more Caring energy into Training your employees means that you can inspire them, you can involve them in the daily business decisions so they can genuinely care about treating your customers right, to give them what they need, resulting in increased sales and customers’ loyalty. 

Bespoke training to your needs…

I have develop specific programmes to give employees the tools to feel good in themselves, in their environment and with others, so they can be happy and deliver exceptional customer experiences. I will bespoke every workshop to your exact needs. We offer a range of Online Training programmes from environmental change to internal and external development and also check out my Learning & Development Online Platform

I also gathered dynamic and inspiring team of certified trainers which can help me delivering large projects, we make the workshops accessible to all attendees in a compelling and lively way, inspiring them to extend their own skills and develop new ones, having a transformational affect in themselves and in your organisation.

Choose from one of my favorite workshop
using my 'CARE' Framework CX Training
or let me bespoke a session just for you...

These workshops specifically designed for you and your team to develop, progress and grow. Choose 1/2 day, full day or 2 days workshop options. 

This is more than just Customer Service training, it is about teaching core principles to apply for caring and serving others.

Being a Caring Leader

This workshop will help the attendees to understand themselves better so they can understand others and manage and lead their teams more effectively. Including the following topics:

  • 10 principles to be ‘Being a Caring Leader’
  • Understanding yourself so you can understand others
  • Leading and guiding your team to service excellence
  • Developing effective communication skills
  • Effective Rapport building
  • Maintaining pick performances through mindfulness
  • Creating daily habits to improve your performances
  • Boosting Mental resilience
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence

Leading a customer-centric organisation

This workshop is an overview of the business culture and how Leaders must create more harmony, increase employees’ engagement and customer loyalty. Including the following topics:

  • Creating your Vision & Mission statement
  • Creating your CX & EX promise
  • Living and breathing your brand values by aligning your team to your Vision
  • Nurturing a Caring Service Culture & The Waggle Dance, 4 steps to developing your Employee and Customer Experience Culture
  • Creating a happy and healthy workplaces and see your profit grow
  • Why Wellbeing at work will increase your employee performances
  • Welcoming feedback why and how
  • Measuring to manage

Stop Serving, Start Caring !

This is a workshop specifically designed for employees in your organisation.


  • Who are our customers
  • Customer Personna and segmentation
  • Increasing Customer Retention rate
  • A Sale without a Sale
  • Creating Value and Adding Value
  • Objection handling and closing the sales
  • Complaint Handling
  • Understanding the Before, during and after of your
  • Customer journey

Stop the Clutter, Start Thriving

A healthier environment will affect your employees’ performances and your customers’ experience, learn how to create a more harmonious workplace. This workshop will help you to make the necessary changes in your workplace to feel better and be more productive:

  • What is Feng Shui
  • Clutter Clearing
  • Using the 5 elements to create harmonious environments
  • How to use the bagua to transform your workplace
  • Bringing some positive energy
  • Nurturing the yin and the yang energy

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