You will be amazed to know that bees can see, count, recognize faces and shapes, are responsive to wide range of colours and odours, and despite having a brain the size of a grass seed they have an incredible cognitive abilities.

Our five senses are affected physiologically by everything in our path, we enhance the quality of the work experience and we create harmonious workplace by engaging all five senses:

  • Sight: Scientists say more than half the brain is devoted to processing visual images, and 80% of learning is based on visual input. A space should not be crowded since emotionally, you want to feel comfortable, this includes visual clutter.
  • Sound: Noise is one of the most common distractions in an office environment and if it is loud enough and consistent enough it can also cause some health and welfare concerns for those working in the environment. However, audio in the retail space can be honed to reflect the brand, enhance the customer experience and reinforce consumer aspirations, promoting higher sales – so long as it’s done right.
  • Smell: One of the most powerful senses, smell can trigger associations and draw upon memories of other smells. It’s about a fond memory that’s attached to going into the closet and smelling the scent.
  • Touch: Central to consumer engagement in retail environment is the power of touch. Retailers should therefore not underestimate the role that touch plays in the buying decision process. In an office environment if things feel nice you’ll feel nice. If they feel hard or rough then you’ll be uncomfortable, and uncomfortable workers are unproductive workers.
  • Taste: A sensory engagement product sampling and trial in shops can offer significant benefits in terms of sales lift. Yet many retailers still do not implement a coherent sampling strategy to capitalise on seasonal or promotional product opportunities to engage at your consumers’ sense of taste.

Sensory design has earned its place in high-end spas and resorts; but today, hospitals, airports, retail environments and corporate offices alike have to embrace the senses to forge brand identity while creating inviting and harmonious environments.

Understanding the subtleties of how the senses can be engaged through sight, sound, touch, smell and taste, interwoven with people’s emotions is essential. For businesses who embrace this sensory challenge, an incredible improvement will be seen in your employees’ performances and without doubt be a much brighter, more interesting and a more engaging experience with your customers.

That seems to make a lot of sense!

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