Virtual Event Mystery Shopping

Measuring to improve attendees experience & engagement

Do you know how you are really performing in fulfilling your event promise so you increase your virtual audience engagement and reduce digitally ‘walking out’... Need some help figuring it out?


Are you ready to take your digital event to the next level?

  • Figure out how you are really performing by quantifying your work

  • Discover your painpoints and develop new strategies to improve

  • Increase your virtual audience engagement and interactions

  • Reduce digital ‘walk out’ and increase attendance

  • Become accountable for making the necessary changes to improve your  audience experience

  • Develop processes to increase your performances

  • Be driven and focussed to achieve your client’s objectives and deliver service excellence

  • Create a virtual customer journey mapping to increase consistency in the digital experience

  • Gain feedback to ignite innovation

  • And last but not least give yourself some credit for all your achieving and doing right!

Why I do what I do

OK, the one thing I should have done I March was to buy shares into a Virtual Conference platform!!

Because Virtual Events, Digital Conferences, E-Meetings are here to stay…

After working in the hospitality industry for 25 years, I have been involved with so many events, from boxing black tie event, to a wedding on the beach, from chartering Luxury Yacht to organising a full day conference team building events! Running an event was a military operation, every details  planned, checked, executed to turn our clients’ events into the best experience for them and for their attendees.

It wasn’t as easy as it seemed!  But I loved it, I absolutely loved the buzz to seeing clients, attendees’ amazed faces when everything goes as planned. They never realised the huge amount of work it took to run their perfect event, why would they, that’s why they were coming to us the professionals… It takes hours of preparation, team work, attention to details to make every single events, meetings, conferences running like clock work. It can feel overwhelming and confusing, with all those steps you have to perform, offline or online the same amount of planning, organising, effort is necessary to have a successful event. 

If your clients aren’t returning, do you know why?

Run virtual events and inspire your audiences to action

I set up my business over a decade ago because I saw a gap in the market, I realised that was no mystery shopping companies where I lived and that by having a little help organisations would be able to improve drastically in a short time.  Since then I made it my mission to inspire online & offline businesses to thrive by delivering exceptional customer experiences in measuring and improving their service delivery. 

So, using a virtual shopper is a way to monitor your virtual event experience.  After running my Mystery Shopping business for the last decade, I know what it takes to run a successful business, this is what people pay me for, to figure what works and what doesn’t.

Mystery Shopping is an effective way to get an objective view on what you are doing right now and where you could improve. I have developed this special program for you, virtual event organisors, so you can have instant feedback on that crucial customer experience which will get your clients to love you or not!

Your audience is always only ever one click away from digitally ‘walking out’ — and if they’ve already tuned out anyway, they’re far more likely to leave an online event early than to stand up and physically exit your face-to-face event part-way through. In fact, two-thirds (66%) of respondents to the Redback Report said they have left a virtual event part-way through.

As soon as the E-Mystery Shopping visit has been performed, you will receive a report with your results, so we can then take this report and start looking at how you move the needle and then let’s work together to:

  • Increase your virtual audience engagement and interaction 

  • Reduce digital ‘walk out’ and increase attendance

  • Make the necessary changes to improve your  audience experience

  • Create a virtual customer journey mapping to increase consistency in the digital experience

  • Get feedback to ignite innovation

This feedback will enable you to run a successful virtual events, inspiring audiences to take action and get your clients to book you, return to you again and recommend you!

How does that sound?

You need to know how well you are really performing?
let me show you how...

We have created a special journey for you already which measures 5 main E-eXperiences, however if you want us to bespoke your program to your own journey, we can do that too, just ask!



How do you connect with your clients, how do they feel when going through the whole of the experience with you.


Website eXperience

One of the first touch point from your client is your website, before booking with you they will checking you out, so your E-Experience need to be very slick.



You are the brand and must ensure every step you take and every move you make  consistently position yourself as the expert online and offline.



How does your brand measure on all your devices?  Have you ever check how is your website looking on a phone or how is your booking system on a tablet?



Being a solopreneur takes is time consuming so ensuring you can automate as many touch point as you can will save you time but will show you as a real professional.

It's not me saying it...

“Key to offering the best customer service possible is the benefit you get from a Mystery Shopping program. I received unvaluable information in terms of seeing how my brand is viewed through the eyes of my clients. Mystery Shopping allowed me to make small adjustments and develop idea to ensure I am always driving the business forward”
Lucy Bucklan
'Claire's mystery shopping program has delivered some excellent results, I have put in place new strategies and have also put in place a reward program for my team of employees, the whole process has taken us to the next level and even helped, I believe, towards winning the Jersey Enterprise awards!
Stephen Clip

How much do you want your virtual event to thrive?


Virtual Event Mystery Shopping

  • Brand Experience: Promotion, awareness, coms, social media
  • Automation Experience: booking system, payments, confirmations
  • Social Experience: devices, mobile app download
  • Attendees Event Front of House Experience: overall experience, membership area, tutorial, user platform experience, customer support
  • We will actually book the event and spend two hours to experience the overall digital event platform (additional cost for the event will be extra)
  • Post-event experience: feedback, coms
  • Instant report emailed after the visit


  • Two-Hours consulting with me, reviewing  report, analysing, and creating an action plan to improve your service delivery


  • Download your FREE E-copy of The Secret Diary of a Mystery Shopper, the ultimate reading companion for the program.
  • CLOSED FACEBOOK GROUP: Connect with like-minded empowered bees from around the world, share stories and help each other on the journey to creating a buzz about your business. Join our very own Caring Service Culture Movement and let’s buzz together.
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A session to keep you buzzing, motivated and inspired plus I can answer any burning questions to help you to move through any areas of resistance on your journey towards exceptional customer service.

Virtual Event Mystery Shopping PLUS




This is exactly the same virtual offer PLUS

  • One-to-one after event in-depth interview with Speakers
  • Post-Event Audience Satisfaction Survey

Pricing for this service will be sent on request, when we have an understanding of the size of your event is.

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