During those challenging times when every single customer is even more important than ever, we are going to rethink about the ways we run our businesses, how we fit in our society and the meaning of our lives, but if you continue to care for your customers and employees and put them in the centre of everything you do, even in the midst of such a turbulent period, you can be sure to come on top whenever we return business as usual…

1.      You and your team must bring so much empathy even better compassion in every conversation

2.      Be flexible and creative in delivering your services: email reminders, pickup, online order…

3.      Give without any expectations in return and your reward will be great…

4.      Make it personal, remember emotions are running high and you need to make them feel they are not a number but a person who may be scared, stressed, and anxious so connect with them on an emotional level , emotions creates experiences… 

5.      Open all channel of communications online, offline, something you never thought before could be the answer for your customers…

6.      Be congruent, do what you say you are going to do, walk the walk, talk the talk!

7.      Mindfully listen to what your customers say, what they want and what they really want are often different things

8.     Be transparent, honest with every situations

9.      Exceed expectations, go the extra mile it’s the small things who make a big difference

10.  Most of all be kind, be grateful and show you care

Let’s recognize the unique period we’re in, take a breath, and work our way through it as a team, together, show your customers you genuinely care, deliver exceptional customer experiences and they will give you loyalty in return.

Don’t know where to start showing your Employees and Customers you care? Don’t do it on your own, I am here to help!

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